There’s no better way to promote excellent health and a long lifespan in your golden years than by taking care of your body. When you eat well and stay active, your body will remain stronger for longer, and it will have the best chance to avoid illness or combat anything that might come along. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this way will give you the best chance to enjoy your golden years to their fullest.

Let’s face it, staying fit continually is easier said than done – especially when you have a busy life. It isn’t going to get any easier to stay motivated as nature’s aches and pains set in as you age, but maintaining a physical fitness routine can also help to alleviate some of these problems.

The cold temperatures, ice and snow that come with the winter season make getting your regular exercise even more challenging. If you’re looking for tips for staying active during retirement, you’ve come to the right place.

The Benefit of Working with a Custom Home Builder

If you want a head start on your physical fitness to help ensure your routine lasts throughout the year, the best place to start is in the home. Not only will working with Blythwood homes allow you to customize your home to include more fitness options, but you’ll also get to live among others eager to live an active lifestyle. When you can find opportunities to partake in an exercise you love without even needing to leave the comforts of your home, you’ll be more likely to engage in them regularly.

Living Close to Nature

By choosing to work with a custom home builder, you’ll get to live near many locations where you can enjoy your exercise among the beauty of the natural world. Not only does the region offer an extensive network of nature trails that connects communities through the area, but it also contains spectacular beaches and parks. Since convenience is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll maintain a healthy lifestyle, downsizing to a home in this attractive area will benefit your well-being.

Maintaining a Regular Routine

For people of retirement age, just like people of any age looking to improve their overall health through fitness, the key is a steady routine. It is much easier to plan to visit all of the best walking trails in the Niagara region when you don’t have to drive through hectic traffic jams to reach them.

Seniors Doing Yogo Indoors in the Winter

Stay Indoors

While there are plenty of fun winter activities in Niagara to enjoy, if you really can’t stand the cold weather, there’s always the option of performing your more strenuous exercise indoors. When you live close to amenities like fitness clubs and large indoor public spaces like malls, it is much easier to plan out a winter routine that you can do inside.

Adult Active Living Communities

Another way you can ensure you get the exercise you need each winter is to gain the influence of neighbours in adult lifestyle communities in Niagara just as eager as you are to participate in group activities. It’s one thing to make your own plan to achieve a fitness goal, but having friends to motivate you will increase the likelihood that you’ll stick with your plan.

Build an Indoor Gym at Home

There’s no doubt that adult active living communities help to promote socialization for seniors, but if you prefer to exercise alone, a custom home will allow you to do that as well. After all, it’s much easier to stay fit when you plan to build a room in your new custom home entirely dedicated to fitness. Working with custom home builders provide the luxury of being able to decide on extra amenities and design options that you might want in your new home, so it is easy to add rooms dedicated to being

  • Gym
  • Art Studio
  • Extra Guest Room
  • Wine Cellar

When building a gym for your home, you can decide on the dimensions you need according to how you prefer to exercise. If you require a ballet bar or a dance floor, you will want to talk to us to start planning before your home is even started. You can also tour your home in the middle of construction to make sure that everything looks right when you see it in person.

What to Include in Your Indoor Gym?

Along with the construction features that you’ll want to decide on early on, you’ll probably want to consider the exercise equipment you want your gym to offer. Investing in low-impact fitness options will help you stay active as you age and encounter unforeseen complications with mobility. Some of the best options for this purpose will be yoga equipment and cardiovascular machines.

Snowbirds love the Maintenance Free Towns Offered by Blythwood 

More and more of us want to spend several months in the Florida sunshine. Blythwood’s townhomes in Ridgeway offer year-round landscaping and snow removal in the winters. That means you can just lock the door and not worry about these issues when you go south. An when you return, all is maintained and ready for your enjoyment!

Letting Go of Home Maintenance

If you’ve been getting a portion of your physical fitness needs from the usual chores that go along with maintaining your home, you might want to consider giving those up. Remember, you’ve worked hard all your life for the rewards of retirement, so you should reap them—especially those that might be more dangerous than they seem.

When you live in a Blythwood community, you’ll have the opportunity to arrange for the maintenance of your home to be taken care of for you. Not only will this provide relief from the burden of maintaining your home, but it will also ensure that things are safe while you’re away travelling.

Staying active in the winter can be a challenge to accomplish on a regular basis. Work with Blythwood Homes to create a wonderful new living experience that will help to ensure that you live an active lifestyle that promotes great health.

If you choose to stay active in our northern clime, you can work with Blythwood Homes to create a wonderful new living experience that will help to ensure that you live an active lifestyle that promotes great health even in winter!

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