Choosing a new location to live in isn’t always about deciding on the various features of the building that you’ll reside in – it can also be about making choices that will influence how you’ll live your life each day. At Blythwood Homes, we strive to unite these two aspects that drive people to the perfect home for their needs because we have years of experience helping people build their dream homes for retirement living.

Custom Options Complement Lifestyle Choices

When you specialize in helping people decide on the features that they need to create the next home of their dreams, you end up getting a well-developed sense of what motivates homeowners. For retirees and those just starting to make plans to maximize the enjoyment that they’ll experience during retirement, finding a home that will suit an active and social routine can be as important as any facet of construction.

Bringing Community, Lifestyle and Custom Options Together

If you’ve been looking for bungalow townhomes in Ontario in and around the Niagara region, there’s no better choice you can make than to purchase a custom-built home. When you purchase this option, you’ll start by working closely with Blythwood Homes to ensure that your home contains everything you need to pursue retirement living to its fullest extent.   

For example, you may decide to add an extra room to your home to be used for a specific purpose such as:

  • Artist Studio
  • Wine Cellar
  • Extra Bedroom
  • Model Train Showcase
  • Wood Crafting Area
  • Music Room
  • Grandchildren’s Playroom

Whatever passions you’ve been pushing aside due to the pressures of raising a family and pursuing a demanding career can now be enjoyed in your home. You’ll also get to have control over features like flooring, paint, appliances and cupboards. 

Active Adult Lifestyle Communities

People who choose to build a home in an active adult living community do so because they are interested in participating in activities that contribute to better social health. While you’re pursuing hobbies that you’ve neglected for too long, the chances are that your neighbours are also building new relationships while cultivating theirs.

For this reason, it is common for those who live in adult lifestyle communities to share common interests that can be enjoyed together.

Be Part of the Group

For senior citizens living in the same building where they raised a family or supported a successful career, finding ways to stay social can pose a challenge. When you decide to capitalize on the value of your home and start a new adventure in an option built with your current lifestyle in mind, you’ll be moving towards new opportunities for social interaction as well.

Anyone who lives in a community where they are encouraged to participate in social events is never genuinely living alone. An active adult lifestyle community will allow you to keep an active life while also staying social to promote a healthy body and mind at the same time. 

Free from Isolation

When you own a custom home in an adult active lifestyle community, you’ll easily be able to escape to solitude, but you’ll also never have to worry about feeling isolated. This is a scenario where you’ll always get the best of both worlds, so you can continue to reap the benefits of staying socially active while never having to worry about getting overwhelmed.

Credit: Centre for Ageing Better Via Pexels 

Recreation to Support Social Life

One of the best perks of working with new home builders in Niagara is that you’ll automatically gain access to a large number of enjoyable recreational outlets as soon as you move in. Not only does the region boast and one of the best health care systems in Canada, but it also contains many exciting pastimes that help to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

For example, while living in a Blythwood community in the Niagara region, you’ll have access to spectacular golf courses, nearby beaches, world-class hiking trails, winery tours, scenic biking routes, tennis courts and much more.

Reaping the Health Benefits

While there’s no substitute to staying active during retirement when it comes to increasing your longevity through good health, it doesn’t hurt to stay social as well. Evidence showed that there are great benefits of socialization for seniors who participate in regular community events.

Home Management

When you buy a newly constructed home that is designed with retirement living in mind, it will require little maintenance, so you’ll be free from yet another one of life’s continual worries. You’ll also have access to lawn care and winter maintenance to ensure that your property will always remain beautifully managed and free of problems like icy walkways.

Travel Plans

In the Niagara area, you’ll easily be able to travel to all of the towns and cities in lower Ontario to visit family and friends. If you are a snowbird or frequent traveller, it will be easier than ever to get away and enjoy your favourite vacation destinations since you won’t have to worry about arranging that your home in Canada is cared for.

When you opt for continual maintenance, you will also be free of any worry that your empty home will become a target for break-ins. Continual home care means that your home will always be frequented by visitors.

As you approach an age where retirement becomes a common question, it is wise to start making a plan that will ensure that you’ll achieve that kind of lifestyle that you deserve in your golden years. When you live in a community that is designed to increase the enjoyment of being retired and encourage better lifestyle choices for seniors, you’ll end up encountering positive factors that you didn’t even consider I your plans.

As soon as you’re ready to start making a plan for your next home, get in touch with us at Blythwood Homes to learn about the options available to you in a newly built custom home in the Niagara region.

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