Blythwood Homes


All builders in the province of Ontario are required to build to the Ontario Building Code. Blythwood goes way beyond the building code. In fact, Rob Mills says, “Forget the building code.” Instead Blythwood focuses on finding the very best leading edge construction products that ensure long-term durability, energy efficiency and maximum comfort in your home.

Our commitment and passion to our communities

There’s something very satisfying about creating a beautiful new community. It’s akin to planting and tending a garden. Our philosophy in choosing lands for new communities is that our communities must be near to amenities such as shopping, healthcare and recreational and that they reflect potential for significant appreciation. In short, Blythwood builds communities based on the idea that we, ourselves would want to live there.

Awards and recognition

Blythwood Homes has become known to discerning buyers for its outstanding design, quality and innovation.

Recognized by industry peers to be among the Top Builders in Niagara Region  with numerous nominations for Best Design Awards.

Robert Mills

President of Blythwood Homes

Having built new homes for over 30 years, Rob Mills, founder and CEO of Blythwood Homes has come to the conclusion that If it isn’t remarkable, it isn’t worth building. That’s why homes built by the Blythwood Group are so readily recognizable for their grand architectural flourishes and the exceptional quality with which they are built.