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Award Winning Niagara Home Builders

Blythwood Homes is a Niagara home builder that specializes in creating master-planned adult lifestyle communities and custom homes in the Niagara region. Our communities and custom homes are built to deliver the lifestyle you’ve been waiting for.

All Blythwood-built homes boast energy efficiency, comfortable living, outstanding design, and fine craftsmanship in every detail.

We are committed to providing you with a new home that suits your needs. Whether you’re coming from Burlington, Oakville, or any other part of Canada , you can find your forever home in the Niagara region. Plan for the best years of your life when you customize your dream home with Blythwood Homes.



Blythwood Homes is a home builder that builds adult living communities in the Niagara on the Lake region. We facilitate comfortable living by developing home models that meet the varying needs of different home buyers.

Moving doesn’t need to be time consuming or stressful. Consider Blythwood Homes’ move-in ready homes, custom homes & adult living communities in Niagara for an easy and seamless moving process.





Move-in ready and custom bungalow homes are ideal for homebuyers who are looking to downsize for retirement or personal preference. Blythwood Homes builds detached bungalows and bungalow townhomes in Niagara with architectural excellence and high construction standards in mind.

Townhouse bungalows are turnkey purchases that come with various benefits. Blythwood built bungalow townhomes are a great option for homebuyers who want to save on their move and make the transition to a low maintenance home. Our townhomes come with lawn maintenance and snow removal services, and make it easy to lockup and leave for worry-free travel.

Blythwood Homes units are ideal for homebuyers looking for a home that will suit all stages of mobility that come with age. We build spacious and elegant detached bungalows and bungalow towns in sought after areas like Niagara-on-the-lake and Ridgeway


Centrally Located Adult Communities & Custom Homes in Niagara


Blythwood Homes carefully selects land before building to ensure the comfort and convenience of homebuyers. As one of Niagara’s premiere home builders, we make it a point to build in and around prime areas within the region like Ridgeway, Niagara on the Lake, and Niagara Falls:

Ridgeway: A historical region in Ontario that offers substantial appeal and value. This region is home to scenic conservation , nature trails, and quiet beaches that are ideal for quiet and comfortable living.

Niagara on the Lake: Many are privy to the magic of Niagara on the Lake. This popular location is home to countless wineries, live theatre, dining, and other entertainment.

 Niagara Falls: As a Niagara home builder, it is important to us that homebuyers can buy in quiet, comfortable communities that are also nearby central amenities like the scenic Niagara Falls. This makes our communities fun for the entire family.



Adult communities in Ontario can help you to expand your social life, live independently, and maintain an active lifestyle.

Blythwood Homes builds active adult living communities in the Niagara Region that we would want to live in. Our communities are centrally located in and around areas like Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake. We carefully select and build on land that is near amenities like dining and shopping, as well as conveniences such as dining and shopping, as well as conveniences such as quality hospitals in Niagara



Professional Niagara Home Builders


Rob Mills, the founder and CEO of Blythwood Homes, has been building homes for over 30 years. Homes built by Blythwood Homes are all built with specific characteristics and standards in mind:

Energy Effecient: Blythwood-built homes are energy-efficient, and Energy Star certified. Energy-efficient homes are better for the environment, help homeowners cut down on hydro bills, and assures good resale value.

Convenience: Blythwood Homes chooses and builds on centrally located land to ensure the convenience of homeowners. All Blythwood-built communities in Niagara are nearby shopping, healthcare, and recreational centers.

 Design: We are award-winning Niagara home builders committed to outstanding design and innovation. We have numerous design nominations under our belts and are recognized as a top builder in the Niagara Region.

 Quality Craftsmanship: Blythwood Homes uses leading-edge construction products to ensure quality, durability, energy efficiency, and the comfort of homeowners.

Certification: All Blythwood-built communities are registered under Tarion to ensure fairness and confidence in the home buying experience.

Blythwood Homes is proud to be a reputable Niagara home builder. Blythwood-built detached bungalows, bungalow townhomes, and adult living communities in Niagara are ideal for those wanting to make the move to the Niagara region.


Sometimes existing floor plans and layouts are not the best fit for homebuyers who have unique needs and a specific vision in mind. Custom build your dream home with Blythwood Homes; we are a Niagara home builder you can count on.

We build custom homes in Niagara to ensure that every homebuyer’s unique needs are met. Make your dream home .

When you work with Blythwood Homes to build your custom home in Niagara, you can customize anything you wish, get a walkthrough of the home, work with a personal decor specialist from the team, and communicate with suppliers.


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