At our two current communities in Niagara, you can find both detached homes and bungalow townhomes. Townhomes are an attractive offering for homebuyers who are looking to save on their purchase, enjoy a low-maintenance home, and be close to some of Niagara’s quaintest towns and best amenities.

Townhomes offer an ideal transition from single detached homes to a low maintenance lifestyle while still maintaining a link to the out of doors and a garden. They often provide total exterior maintenance including snow removal and landscaping so you have the same benefits as you would have with your typical apartment-style condominiums.


New Townhomes are Spacious and Elegant


With Builders like Blythwood Homes setting the trend, the newest townhomes in Niagara are just as spacious as singles and include soaring ceilings and lots of large windows. These towns feel as spacious as large singles but come with the advantage of a complete “turnkey” purchase with all elements included such as covered patios, manicured gardens, lawn irrigation, upscale driveways soaring ceilings and home security.

Townhomes in The Oaks and The Vintages at Six Mile Creek offer maintenance-free living at its best.


Bungalow Townhomes in Niagara


Townhomes often utilize more vertical than horizontal living space. But Blythwood Homes has gone in another direction with its communities, building bungalow townhomes that are only one storey (with options for finished basements). A bungalow is going to make a longer-lived investment than a townhome with multiple levels.

Why is it so important to invest in a bungalow? As you pass retirement and continue to age, your mobility can become a concern. Stairs can pose a major obstacle for older adults with mobility restrictions, and the only solution is expensive modifications or moving again.


Condos Built in Townhome Style


A popular option in adult living communities is to build condominiums in the architectural style of a townhome. Rather than an apartment in a high or mid-rise, the condo feels like a single-family home. This is the model we use in our adult living communities The Oaks and The Vintages. The advantage is that common areas and exteriors are owned and maintained by the Corporation.

Low-maintenance lifestyles work well for anyone who travels frequently and can’t be home to ensure they’ve mowed the grass or shovelled the snow. You get the best of both worlds: the space and street frontage of a townhome with the low-maintenance requirements of a condo.


Privacy in Your Townhome


One of the concerns many buyers have about townhomes is privacy. Townhomes by definition share a wall with another residence, and buyers may worry about noise from neighbours. We take privacy seriously when we design our communities and there are several features that we include to make sure that our townhomes are just as private and comfortable as standalone bungalows:

  • Solid block walls separate units, built on top of concrete walls at the basement level;
  • 1½-inch studding and insulation on each side of the dividing wall to restrict sounds;
  • 1 ½” ROXUL insulation on either side of the concrete walls
  • Floor joints that run from front to back to stop sound from carrying over to neighbouring units;
  • Interior walls finished with 5/8-inch drywall (thicker than the usual ½ inch.

When it comes to outdoor privacy, we’ve designed our townhome backyards to make sure you can enjoy the outdoors and host in comfort and privacy. A privacy fence, hedge, and trees enclose your backyard space so you can entertain or just enjoy a warm afternoon with a book without having to worry about the neighbours.

One of the reasons townhomes work so well in adult living communities is that you’re sharing the neighbourhood with people at a similar place in life. You’re not sharing a wall with a family with young kids, but with people who are ready to enjoy a relaxed, quiet neighbourhood.


Investing for Your Future


As you look for a new home now, it’s important to think about your future needs. Too many housing options are built as though their residents will never get old. When you’re looking for a new home, look for some of these “future proof” qualities in the design and location:

  • No stairs
  • Local access to good healthcare
  • Nearby access to entertainment and amenities
  • Low to no-maintenance arrangements

A townhome in an adult living community could have everything you need to invest in your future. Blythwood builds communities that emphasize good design, active living, and close access to all the amenities you need for an active lifestyle. Buying a bungalow is a sound investment for your lifestyle and for re-sale value.


Advantages of Townhome Living


blythwood homes

There are unique advantages to townhome living. Don’t cross townhomes off your list of housing options as you look for your dream home.


1) Community: When you live in a townhome neighbourhood, you’re closer to your neighbours than in a single detached neighbourhood. It’s more walkable, close to amenities, and you’ll make fast friends.


2) Affordability: Townhomes are often a more affordable option than singles. Their smaller land footprint can make them significantly more affordable than a single with the same square footage.


3) Lower Expenses: From maintenance to property taxes, townhomes can provide ongoing savings to your household budget.



Find an Active Adult Community in Niagara


For adults living an active lifestyle, where they choose to live matters a lot. It’s easier to get outside and do the things you love when they’re close by. That’s one of the reasons the Niagara Peninsula is such a special place to live. The region is home to tons of natural features that will have you itching to get outdoors and get active.


A Golfer’s Paradise: Niagara Region is home to dozens of exquisite golf courses. Enjoy some of the best public golf courses in Canada, including three championship courses that will challenge even the most committed golfers.


Incredible Trails: Cycling is one of the ultimate ways to stay healthy and fit, and Niagara is an absolutely gorgeous place to take your bike or walk through a natural setting.


Access to the Water: Whether you’re a swimmer or you dream about taking the boat out for a long summer afternoon, Niagara is wedged between two Great Lakes. Public docks and top-notch marinas allow you the freedom to cruise Lake Ontario or Lake Erie and explore the towns along the shore by boat. It’s an incredibly unique experience.


Townhome living in Niagara could be right for you. Get in touch with us and ask about townhomes available at The Oaks or The Vintages at Four Mile Creek, both located in the gorgeous setting of the Niagara Peninsula. There are plenty of reasons to make a townhome your next home.

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