There’s no question that the world of real estate has changed dramatically in recent years. Canada’s densely populated areas are more expensive than ever, yet sales continue to push the market. And while it appears to be a seller’s market, that’s great news for anyone currently looking to downsize for retirement.

How Can I Be Sure It is the Right Time to Sell?

The questions about whether it is the right time to sell are no longer that pressing. Suppose you live in a major city like Toronto. In that case, the chances are that your home increased in value so significantly in recent years that you’re in a better position than ever to gain an enormous return on your original investment. If there’s any question you need to ask, it is whether the market will dry up at these prices.

Forecasting the Market and Sales Trends

There’s been significant talk over the past 20 years about a real estate bubble in Toronto or Vancouver that could burst at any moment. What have we all experienced instead? Dramatic increases show no sign of slowing down – even during a global pandemic.

Today, the old discussion of real estate bubbles has given way to the acknowledgement that real estate values are unlikely to decrease any time soon. What may happen instead, however, is that the sales will slow down. If you’ve been looking forward to moving to the Niagara Region, you don’t want to be caught with your retirement funds tied up in a property you don’t need and cannot sell for its appropriate value.

What are Your Choices in a New Home?

If you’ve decided to downsize your home in Toronto or most other major Canadian cities, likely, you won’t face much of a challenge finding a buyer. Once you’ve committed to selling your home to increase your financial nest egg for retirement, all you’ll have to decide is where you’ll want to move next.

At Blythwood Homes, we build bungalow townhomes in communities designed to maximize your ability to live a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement.

Where to Live?

One of the most pressing questions that anyone considers today when moving into a new home is where they will decide to live. Even for those who aren’t retiring, smaller towns outside the city have a lot of attractive features to offer.

Grandchildren Visiting Townhome

For example, if you’ve lived for many years in Toronto, you’ll appreciate qualities like:

  • Slower Paced, More Relaxed Lifestyle
  • Easier Access to Nature
  • Less Traffic
  • Less Pollution
  • Less Noise
  • Less Crime

When you move to townhomes in the Niagara Region, you’ll also live close to all of the excellent attractions that exist nearby, like

  • Beautiful Beaches
  • World-class Dining
  • Challenging Golf Courses
  • Extensive Hiking Trails
  • Nature Walks
  • Excellent Shopping

Another advantage you’ll enjoy is a short drive to reach the border to the United States. Whether you want to visit the historic, attractive countryside of upstate New York or have plans to travel further into the United States, you’ll be able to get there quickly.

What Do You Get with a Custom-Built Home?

Perhaps the most popular aspect people enjoy when working with our team at Blythwood Homes is that they get the opportunity to change almost any aspect of their new home to suit their needs and tastes. Many buyers are looking for bungalow homes, so they can enjoy one floor living. When you opt to work with us in customizing your home, you can even alter the floorplan to add or remove rooms according to your desire.

It will be easy to accommodate your choices if there’s a particular type of wood or finish that you’d like to have included in your kitchen cabinets. Even the appliances in your home can be traded for particular models that you prefer.

Even if you aren’t familiar with home construction, making changes to the plan for your new home will be easy. Our homes are also move-in ready, which means that once you are living in a customizable home, you won’t have to wait for a single aspect of your home to be added later on – everything will be included you planned.  

Maintenance-Free Living

One of the best benefits you’ll enjoy when your custom-built townhome is complete is that you’ll no longer need to worry about the maintenance of your home. You’ll gain access to landscaping and snow and ice removal, along with regular repairs.

This means you’ll be able to travel at the drop of a hat without the worry about taking care of your home. While you’re away, the snow won’t pile up, alerting strangers that you aren’t at home. Your home will be cared for by professionals the entire time you are away so that your property remains safe and secure.

Active Adult Living Communities

While you’re deciding whether a custom-built townhome will work best for you, you’ll also want to consider the benefits that you’ll gain by living in an active adult lifestyle community. Such communities are designed to provide people who have reached the retirement age with a community to live in that offers everything they need to lead a fulfilling lifestyle.

When you move into one of our active adult lifestyle communities, you’ll live near other people who are eager to socialize and engage in active leisure. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there’s no easier way than to ensure that you remain devoted to regular fitness activities while also gaining the opportunity to build lasting friendships with similar people.

As you probably realize by now, there are an enormous number of benefits you stand to gain by working with Blythwood Homes to design a custom-built townhome that’s perfect for you. However, the best benefits that you’ll enjoy won’t be the ones that we suggest to you but those that you’ll suggest to us.

There’s no time like the present to get started on your road to a happy and healthy retirement. Please feel free to contact us today to discuss any ideas that you might already have for your custom townhome and find out how we can accommodate your preferences.

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