In many ways, where you live is a direct expression of who you are. Research shows that the space we live in has a deep impact on our well-being and happiness. This is why so many empty-nesters make the decision to move out of the city and embrace the quiet, calming lifestyle of small-town living.

Moving to a new home can be even more exciting when you can customize the features, spaces, and amenities of your new bungalow or townhouse. This is why customization is key to the Blythwood Homes experience. Not only can you look forward to trading in the frenzied pace of city living for a quiet, private community shared with like-minded neighbours, but when you work with custom home builders in Niagara you’ll also be able to customize your living space — even before it’s built.


Embrace Customizable Features


Blythwood Homes allows people to customize new Niagara-on-the-Lake homes — choosing everything from flooring to windows and doors, to trim styles, and more. You can customize the size of amenities such as closets and showers, opening up space where you want it. Porches and sunrooms are also additions you can adjust, allowing you to control the flow of your home’s living spaces. Having an open concept kitchen that transitions out into a sunroom or onto a back porch can be a fantastic layout for entertaining on long weekends with family.

A walkthrough of your home at the framing stage allows you to adjust the electrical layout for maximum customizability and convenience. If you love cooking and baking and you need access to more electrical outlets than most, you can choose how many outlets your kitchen will have and where to put them.

Customizing your new home is a rewarding, engaging activity that allows you to share in the joy of sculpting your own space. If your family members have a good eye for design, invite them into the process. We can even introduce you to a décor specialist who can help you with furniture choice and layout.

Below, we’ll lay out some of the choices you’ll be making when you build your dream home in Niagara with Blythwood Homes.


Early Visualization is Key


When planning out how the interior of your home will look, it pays to visualize early. You can start with what’s called a mood board — a collage of colours, inspirations, and ideas to help you visualize the theme and mood you’re looking for. A physical scrapbook with pictures cut from magazines can help you get a sense of what you’re looking for, especially if you’re buying new furniture for the space. You can use images of your new furniture as an anchor point for the rest of the design process.

Once your mood board is complete, you can start narrowing your choices down until you have a firm decision made on the types of flooring, paint colours, appliances, and other options that fit your vision. If you work with one of our décor specialists, a mood board will help them better understand the look and feel you want.


Customizing Your Space


At Blythwood Homes, we encourage you to explore the spaces of our beautiful bungalow townhomes for sale in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake. From hardwoods to quartz to custom cabinets you can make your new home uniquely your own.

You can further customize your space with the surface materials you prefer. Whether you’re thinking of designing a bathroom in Corian, or tile made from stone, glass, or ceramic, the endless combinations of colours, patterns, and sizes allow you to make a one-of-a-kind bathroom space.

When you design your bathroom, and particularly your shower or tub, think about some of the options you have at your disposal, including the ability to add water jets, half walls, and even mood lighting.

Blythwood Homes also allows you to choose which type of flooring you prefer. If you have lots of pets, you might want the toughness of vinyl or ceramic tile. Of course, if you want to maximize the natural look of a home, nothing beats hardwood flooring.

In the kitchen, you’ll probably want to place the dishwasher and the sink close together, making for shorter trips between the two, and making cleaning up after meals much easier. You’ll want your electrical outlets placed in a configuration that makes sense and suits your needs. Do you love juicers, blenders, and other amenities? Then make sure you have several outlets where you need them.

Do you love to cook? Choose the appliance brands you love, and you’ll enjoy every last minute you spend in your kitchen space. Do you love to host and cook for friends and family? Perhaps you’d like a sunroom or porch directly off of your kitchen into the backyard, maximizing flow and allowing you the best space configurations for your lifestyle?


Outdoor Space


When you are customizing your dream home, it’s not just the indoor amenities that matter. Think about the outdoor space you’ll be using in the spring and summer for entertaining. Living in adult lifestyle communities in Ontario means you’ll be making friends and you’ll want to share your space with your new neighbours. You’ll want to maximize time spent lounging in the backyard and enjoying those lazy spring afternoons, and covered patios are terrific ways to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family — and stay protected from the elements.

A sunroom adjacent to a porch allows for perfect party planning, meaning you can eat your meals indoors or out in the backyard on your shaded porch.

Blythwood Homes can help you customize the layout of your dream house. After all, your space is your own to manage. When moving into your dream home, don’t forget that you have options — and when you choose us, you can customize your living space to suit your many lifestyle needs.

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