The Niagara Region holds an exceptional wealth of attractive features for new and potential homeowners. It isn’t a region that’s merely unique to Ontario or Canada but holds a special attraction unlike anywhere in the entire world. If you’re presently considering options for a new home that you can cherish during your retirement years, you’ll love all of the exceptional reasons there are to move to the Niagara Region.

How to Know When It is the Right Time to Move?

It’s hard to plan for retirement. Many people start to make retirement plans and put them into motion long before they leave their jobs. Some enjoy a partial retirement for a number of years, while others retire for a while only to decide they are drawn to return to a similar position later on.

While everybody will ultimately have different unique circumstances in their lives that influence when to pick the best time to move, there are a few signs that everyone can look out for to help you know when the right time comes.

1) Freedom Granted by Remote Work

Given the changes in the way that we work brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, deciding when to leave isn’t as dire a choice as it used to be. Every type of business that could find a way to allow employees to work remotely from home has brought that goal to life. The chances are that if you were once bound to a particular geographical location to do your job, you aren’t anymore.

If you’re currently working from home or have already retired, there’s no reason for you to remain living in the property where you currently reside – especially if it is costing you a lot in property taxes, condo fees or heating costs. If your plan has always been to enjoy the Niagara lifestyle when you retire by selling your current home putting that money towards your living expenses, why not get started right now?

2) Living Close to Spectacular Amenities

No matter where you are in the Niagara area, you’ll be close to an abundance of great attractions to visit. If you’re living near Fort Erie, for example, you’ll be close to dinner theatre, zoos, gorgeous beaches and excellent golf courses.

The northern area of the region is well-known for its wine production and shopping, while Niagara Falls offers the famous natural wonder with all of the attractions that surround it. If you’ve been waiting to move because you want to find a location that offers plenty to do, then your search is over.

3) Unique Gardening Conditions

Along with all of the excellent living features that are a regular part of living in Canada, you’ll have access to some of the best weather in the country. During the pandemic, one of the activities that kept people active and positive was a gardening trend, especially among those who own their own yards.

Enjoy Niagara Living

If you’ve been looking forward to growing a masterpiece in the backyard during your retirement, then you can move to one of the best areas in Canada for gardening right away. The Niagara Region is well-known for its numerous vineyards, and the reason for that is that it is an excellent area to grow soft fruit. Not only does this means that you’ll be able to grow a wide variety of produce in your yard, but you’ll also have easy access to orchards where you can pick your own fruit.

1) Looking for Quiet Neighbourhood

There’s nothing like living in a peaceful neighbourhood filled with neighbours that share a mutual desire to live in a calming place. If you’re sick and tired of the endless dim of busy city traffic, shouting in the street, and sirens from emergency vehicles, then it’s time for you to leave the city and find out how idyllic the appeals of small time living can be.

People who enjoy careers in the arts, where peace and quiet can be an essential part of the working process, will appreciate the quiet especially. Perhaps you’re someone who has trouble sleeping or suffers from chronic headaches. You may even just enjoy a peaceful environment while you read a good book. In all of these cases, you’ll love the quiet that bungalow townhomes in Ontario can offer.

2) Custom Homes

Unlike expensive cities like Toronto, where it is difficult to find free land for sale on which to build a new property, there are still many communities that offer affordable building opportunities in the Niagara Region. All you need to do is work with experienced Niagara home builders like us to create and build the house of your dreams.

If you want to pick out the perfect appliances for your new home or are looking for a design expert to help craft a stunning interior, you can work with Blythwood Homes to get what you need. You’ll also be able to make changes to your floorplan to accommodate specific plans you might have, such as adding guest rooms or creating an exercise room at home.

3) Access to Ontario’s Cities

Suppose you’ve been struggling to decide where to move because you’re looking for more affordable housing costs, but you also don’t want to live too far away from friends, family and familiarities in Ontario. In that case, the Niagara Region is the perfect place to be.

Usually, empty nesters want to stay close to the area where their children and grandchildren live so that they can visit often. The Niagara region offers the perfect combination of proximity and freedom. If you’re approaching the time in your life to make retirement plans, it’s time to get out of the city and into a calmer, more relaxed way of life. 2022 is the perfect year to start a new adventure.

Please get in touch with us at Blythwood Homes to get started on matching you with a perfect location in the Niagara region, along with a new home design that will provide you with everything you’ll need in your golden years.

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