Time for you to leave the city behind? You wouldn’t be the only one thinking about leaving the traffic, the noise, and the high cost of living for greener pastures. The exodus from Canada’s biggest cities is only picking up pace as homebuyers seek out property in quieter places that offer a very different kind of lifestyle. With more freedom than ever to work from home, and so many people looking to escape the crowds, noise, pollution, and costs, small towns have skyrocketed in popularity among people looking for a new home.


Why Are Homebuyers Leaving Toronto?


In 2020, there were fifty thousand more people who left Toronto for other destinations in Ontario than people who moved from other parts of Ontario to Toronto. Many more left the city itself, but they were replaced by others who moved to the city from other regions in Ontario. That’s part of a trend that’s been going on for years and one that’s accelerated considerably in the last 12 months.


#1 Home Prices


Across the GTA, home prices have kept on rising. The market for single-family homes has gone against most predictions and only continued to heat up. A persistent lack of inventory and consistent demand has led to a seller’s market, and housing prices are forecast to rise 6% in 2021, following a year where they already rose 12%.

Niagara is one of those regions seeing an influx in homebuyers from Toronto. You can find bungalow townhomes in Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, and the larger region that offer considerably more space than what you could find in Toronto. Niagara presents a unique opportunity for homebuyers to get more space for their budget.


#2 Small Town Living


It’s not just that people are leaving Toronto for other cities. Many are choosing small town living for a complete lifestyle change. Small towns offer a change of pace that can be refreshing for people who’ve spent years in the city and busy suburbs. Life in the country offers:

  • Tight-knit communities where neighbours recognize each other, and people stand out when they get involved.
  • Less traffic thanks to fewer residents, helping you save time and money on gas, and best of all, decreasing your stress levels.
  • Fresh air thanks to lower pollution levels, proximity to the countryside, and fewer cars on the road.
  • Fewer crowds, a quality many people appreciate now more than ever.
  • Safer communities with less crime. 


#3 Personal Health and Happiness


Homebuyers looking into adult lifestyle communities in Ontario are drawn to the idea of a community where they share the same kind of lifestyle as their neighbours. They don’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of a neighbourhood with lots of young families, busy parents, or renters always moving in and out. They want stability, peace, and quiet.

Where you live affects how happy you are. It will affect your sense of belonging, change your daily routine, and even shape how you spend your free time – and how much free time you even have. In the city, the constant running around, crowds, and waits can mean the day vanishes before you even know it. The slower pace of life in a small town gives you more time to enjoy things.


#4 Get the Home You Want


The lack of new development in Toronto for single-family homes means that your options are limited. You can wind up paying a lot for a house you feel lukewarm about. Out in the country, there’s more space for new homes. Niagara home builders see more and more people all the time who are leaving the city for more options.


Why Choose Adult Lifestyle Communities in Niagara


Life in Niagara is unlike anywhere else in Ontario. The lifestyle, the culture, the food – Niagara has it all. There are two Blythwood Homes communities in Niagara that offer the best of small-town living.

The Oaks at Six Mile Creek is located in Ridgeway, Ontario, right by Crystal Beach and the shores of Lake Erie. Ridgeway is a historic and picturesque community that’s thriving with downtown businesses, boutique restaurants, and its own micro brewery. There’s plenty to do if you love to get out in nature, such as Friendship Trail, plenty of golf courses, and sailing and kayaking on the lake. It has a great climate with longer summers, and there’s no shortage of amenities.

You can also find new homes in Niagara on the Lake at The Vintages at Four Mile Creek. The community is located in the village of St. David’s, a quaint village nestled in the vineyards, golf courses, and farmlands of rural Ontario. The historic heart of NOTL is just a short drive away, where you can look forward to enjoying the fine dining, theatre, and local shopping in one of Ontario’s most picturesque towns.

Niagara on the Lake combines the best of small-town life and urban amenities. Thanks to cultural draws like the Shaw Festival, wine tours and festivals, and the town’s beautiful heritage buildings, NOTL punches well above its culinary weight. It doesn’t hurt that it’s located in Ontario’s agricultural heart, with great local produce grown right next door. There’s stunning scenery and plenty to do in every season.

Niagara is a place where you can actually enjoy a pleasure drive in your new car and browse local fruit markets. Soak up the local flavour and rustic charm of the various villages. 

If you’re thinking about enjoying small town living, check out these tips to make a successful move out of the city and find your custom home in Niagara on the Lake or Ridgeway. Life is better out in the countryside. Talk to us about custom homes and move-in ready options in one of our incredible communities.

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