One of the most striking features of the Niagara region is the network of scenic walking trails it boasts. Not only do these trails attract many visitors to the area every year, but they also comprise one of the critical factors that contribute to the growing population in the area.

Living in an Active Adult Lifestyle Community

At Blythwood Homes, we strive to build residences situated in areas that contribute to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Active adult lifestyle communities are designed with those who are 55 and older in mind to allow people who wish to get the most out of their retirement years to live in a community of people with similar goals.

The Benefits of Staying Active

If you’re eager to live in an area that promotes recreation by offering locals an abundance of choice, the active adult lifestyle will be perfect for you. When you have plenty of nature walks close to your home, keeping up with a healthy physical routine will seem secondary to the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful natural surroundings.

No one entering their golden years should believe that means they have to slow down. Studies have shown that moderate exercise has health benefits for seniors that can have a dramatic impact on their quality of life, as well as their longevity. When you live close to things that get you moving and people who enjoy staying active, you won’t have to make any special effort to make sure you get your exercise each day.

Staying Social, Staying Healthy

At any age, good health involves exercising your mind as well as your body. When you live in a community filled with people who are actively interested in pursuing a lifestyle that contributes to building both of these types of health, you’ll be given ample opportunity to participate in social activities.

Embracing An Active Lifestyle

One of the best parts about living in adult communities in Niagara is that you can access many recreational outlets that can influence a continued healthy lifestyle. Besides access to local nature trails, you’ll live close to

  • Golf Courses
  • Tennis Courts
  • Beaches
  • Extensive Parkland
  • Gardening

With this variety of recreation available at your disposal, you’ll feel like you’re living in a vacation rather than at your main residence.

Credit: Artem Beliaikin Via Pexels

Leave City Life Behind

Every day, more commuters and empty-nesters are deciding to leave city life behind for a less chaotic and stressful day-to-day lifestyle in a peaceful and nature-filled setting. Living in an active adult community in the Niagara region will allow you to enjoy all of the appeals of small town living while remaining a short commute away from everything that Toronto, as well as the border to the United States, has to offer.

Benefits of Being in Nature

When you’ve spent most of your life living in the fast-paced environment of the city, it can be easy to forget just how beneficial it is to the body and mind to get out into nature. Part of enjoying the Niagara lifestyle to the fullest is taking part in all of the ways that the region can contribute to promoting healthy choices.

When you are able to commune with the natural world with ease, it helps to keep your mind active and filled with curious energy. There’s no easier way to make this happen on a regular basis than to live steps away from some of the most beautiful natural resources in Canada.

Parks in the Niagara Region

The Niagara region is well-known for its proximity to the famous falls, tourism attractions and local wineries, but it also contains many attractive parks. Since the parks in Niagara include some of the best-kept secrets of the locals who live in the area, you can enjoy their breathtaking scenery and peaceful surroundings without having to worry about crowds of tourists getting in your way.

Don’t Wait to Build

If you’ve been looking for custom home builders in Fort Erie or a similar community in the Niagara region, there’s no need to wait any longer. There are currently many options available in move-in ready homes at excellent prices. This part of Ontario is becoming more popular by the day due to the number of popular amenities nearby. Buying a new home in the area won’t just provide a great place to live; it will also make a sound investment choice.

Custom Choices

The best part about partnering with Blythwood Homes to construct your next residence is that you’ll be able to make choices about your new home that reflect your needs. If you’d like to include an extra room in your home to provide other family members with a place to stay when they come to visit, we can easily accommodate your preference.

When you build a custom home, you’ll also be given the opportunity to pick out flooring options and ensure that every room of your new home contains the tone of paint you desire. With everything decided in advance, your home will be move-in ready so that you don’t have to worry about doing further renovation later on.

Master-Planned Community

Blythwood Homes communities aren’t only about individual houses but creating an area to live where retirees can enjoy to their fullest extent. Not only will you get to take part in designing your home and live near excellent options in recreation, but you’ll also have access to services like housekeeping, lawncare and winter maintenance that will make daily life easier, especially as time goes on. These options are designed to provide you with worry-free living so that even if you decide to travel on a whim, you’ll be able to rest assured that your home is provided with the best care.

If you enjoy walking trails with access to beautiful natural landscapes, you’ll love living near a wide assortment of options for daily walks. Get in touch with us at Blythwood Homes to learn more about how you can get started on your new home.

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