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The summertime is a heavy tourist season in the Niagara region, but that doesn’t make it the only good time to visit it. What tourists have traditionally failed to realize is that there are just as many attractions to draw visitors to the Niagara region during the winter.

That said, this trend is beginning to change as more people discover the beauty and fun that the Niagara region has to offer through the winter months. Winter events and activities help to make this area popular among local residents and those looking to buy new property as well.

Moving to the Niagara Region

If you’ve visited the Niagara region at any time of year, you may have already started to embrace living in Niagara and feel at home while exploring the area. That’s because it doesn’t take long to discover that this area contains everything you could ever need to enjoy a happy and fulfilling lifestyle, along with a lot more that’s just waiting to be discovered. 

When you work with Blythwood Homes to find the perfect location for your next property, you’ll get to choose an option that is located close to everything the Niagara area has to offer. If you’re interested in living in a location where you’ll enjoy quick and easy access to a gorgeous winter landscape and charming local towns like Niagara-on-the-Lake, it doesn’t really matter which of our developments you choose – you’ll be living close to everything you need.

Reasons to Visit the Niagara Region in the Winter

While it is true that millions of tourists travel to see the horseshoe falls and enjoy the city of Niagara Falls each year, there are plenty of reasons to visit the city and the surrounding region during the winter as well. For one, winter in Niagara marks a time when the natural beauty of this region stands out spectacularly while highlighted in a fresh layer of snow. Here are a few activities and events that you can easily enjoy when you live nearby:

Witness the Horseshoe Falls in on Ice

If you’ve never enjoyed a personal experience of Canada’s famous horseshoe falls during the winter, you won’t realize why words cannot do justice to its beauty until you have. Since the falls have never frozen over, you still get to see the waterfall working in all its splendour.

Along with the beauty of a fresh snowfall blanketing the surfaces of horseshoe falls, you’ll also be amazed by the formations of icicles along the banks and frozen mist on nearby trees and rocks. When you view the horseshoe falls at night, you’ll also get to see them illuminated in a colourful light show.

Winter Festival of Lights

Each year during the winter season, you can enjoy a winter light display and festival that runs through 8 kilometres of parkland in the Niagara Falls area. This year, the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Winter Festival of Lights was extended to a whopping 101 days. When you visit the festival, you have the chance to see over 75 displays that boast approximately 3 million lights.

Fun Things to Do in Niagara

Winter Leisure Activities

Some of the best leisure activities that the area has to offer are the ones that you can enjoy during the winter. A few of these include:

  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Skating
  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Shopping
  • Sight-Seeing

While some people decide to travel long distances to enjoy winter activities like hiking along the scenic Niagara Escarpment, when you live nearby, you’ll get to enjoy them as often as you like. It also helps to have a warm place nearby where you can easily return to relax by the fire with a great book and a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Active Adult Communities

One of the reasons that people who are approaching the age of retirement and are looking to move into a new home decide to work with us at Blythwood Homes is that our active adult communities put physical health as a priority.

Providing people in or approaching their retirement year access to enjoyable activities that offer excellent options for physical fitness is a large part of why active adult communities exist. When you are encouraged to participate in social pastimes that encourage physical fitness, it will provide you with an enormous benefit to your physical health.

Leave Winter Maintenance Behind

While you may have developed a number of excellent winter maintenance tips due to all of the work you had to do each year to maintain your previous home, you can leave that work behind during your retirement. This year, you can enjoy all of the magical benefits of the winter season without having to worry about continually straining your back with a snow shovel or slipping on an icy walkway.

Custom Designed Homes

Perhaps the best part about our cozy bungalow townhomes is that they provide an ideal retreat where you can settle in and get warm after spending a day exploring the winter landscape. However, if you’re eager to create the retirement home of your dreams, then you might consider the best part to be the custom options that you’ll get to choose.

When you work with Blythwood homes to create a property that is perfect for you, you get the option of taking control over a wide range of features about your new home. You can also opt to add an extra guest room or office. Making changes is all as easy as getting in touch with us to discuss exactly what you need to make your new home into a place that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Whether you’re making plans for retirement, one of the most decisions that you can make is to choose a place to live that will offer plenty of options to help keep you entertained and active. Please get in contact with us at Blythwood Homes to learn more about what we have to offer in custom homes, engaging communities and desirable locations for retirement living.

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