You’re still living in the city and you’re ready for change.

Once you make the decision to move out of the city and into a dream space in a small town, the next step is deciding where precisely you’d like to live. Finding the perfect home in a quiet, private community at a competitive price is easier than you think, if you know where to look. One of the best things about living in Niagara-on-the-Lake is that you get out of the city while staying connected to restaurants and nightlife, as well as arts and culture.

These days, those who want to enjoy active adult living in quiet, private communities have a great deal of options, but at Blythwood Homes, we feel that there is no better place in Ontario to live than Niagara-on-the-Lake — especially for those seeking upscale adult living in a world-class town.

We offer new homes in Niagara-on-the-Lake close to an incredible number of amenities. Moving out of the city and into a new home does not mean you have to give up your hobbies and the activities that make you happy. Living in Niagara-on-the-Lake means there is a healthy dose of nature nearby, so that you can make the most of an active lifestyle. Staying busy is easy when there are so many great hiking trails, parks, and golf courses a short distance away from where you live.

Whether you’re looking to hike a trail, try a new ice wine, or simply to relax with family in your well-manicured backyard, our customizable homes might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Active Adult Living


When you think about moving to an adult lifestyle community, Niagara is likely top of mind — and that’s not surprising when you consider everything it has to offer. Active adult living is about enjoying all that life has to offer. The Niagara Peninsula has so many ways to stay active while enjoying the beautiful weather and the incredible vistas. Some of the best activities you can find in Niagara include:

  • Golfing at Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club
  • Cycling along the Niagara River Recreation Trail
  • Sailing Lake Ontario
  • Hiking along the Niagara Glen Trail

The right adult living communities allow you to partake in plenty of light outdoor hobbies to keep you moving, which is the perfect way to stay healthy.


The Birthplace of Modern Canadian Winemaking


If your idea of a fun afternoon out involves sitting among vast gardens and curated outdoor spaces, tasting the incredible vintages on offer at some of the world’s top wineries, then Niagara-on-the-Lake is the perfect town for you.

Home to some of the oldest and most respected vineyards in Canada, the Niagara Peninsula is home to a who’s who of pioneer winemakers who have been instrumental in establishing Canada as a world class vintner. Bordered by both the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, the climate is perfect for great ripening, and an earlier spring means the grapes will have a longer growing season and enjoy better depth of flavour and ripeness at harvest time.

Living in the region means you have access to some of the top wineries in the province. Below we’ll look at two of our favourites.


Jackson Triggs Winery


Dedicated to producing high quality VQA wines, Jackson Triggs is known for its exceptional Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sarawak, and Merlot vintages. Its wines are produced from Venice Era clones and rootstocks which were custom grafted in France. This vineyard, apart from producing some of the top wines including the Jackson Triggs Delaine label, is also a research centre that examines climate and soil conditions.

Living in the area means you can take a tour of this fantastic winery whenever you like, sampling an incredible number of Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Semillon vintages depending on the season.


Rosewood Estates Winery


If you like your vineyard experiences a little more earthy, you’ll love the Rosewood Estates winery, whose “Earth to Bottle” philosophy draws in thousands of locals and tourists each year. Offering outside-the-box sampling options such as orange wine and mead (a tasty brew made of fermented honey), this low intervention winery boasts a fairy-tale tour of their wines, honeybee homes, and incredible drinking gardens.

Rosewood Estates consider themselves to be farmers of flavour, taking extra care to look after the land on which they work. Taking a walk through the vineyard means enjoying a day of hiking the beautiful grounds topped off with a terrific tasting.

Dedicated to keeping their impact on the natural environment and surroundings low, their viticultural philosophy means keeping vine balance and soil health as a top priority. Using integrated pest management strategies, they also limit their chemical inputs, protecting vineyard biodiversity as well as the nearby community.


Welcome to the Neighbourhood


Part of what makes living in Niagara so enjoyable is the wide variety of neighbourhoods to explore. There are so many wonderfully walkable areas, from the various shops to restaurants and entertainment hubs. A walkable town also means more parks and green spaces — perfect for taking the dog out for a stroll.

Rather than driving to every one of your destinations, you can take a long leisurely afternoon stroll to run errands and grab a bite to eat. Small town living means enjoying a walkable urban core, which will help you enjoy an active social life as you get to know your neighbours.


Outdoor Spaces are Perfect for Entertaining 


It’s nice to have so many outdoor options such as golfing, hiking, and winery tours near at hand. But as custom home builders in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we realize that sometimes the best things in life are between four walls.

Living in Niagara means that your custom-made Blythwood Homes bungalow will have ample backyard and patio space, perfect for entertaining friends and family. Having a wooden deck or paved patio right outside your back door means it’s easy to set up everything you need to host the perfect Victoria Day get together once the weather gets a bit warmer.

With friends and family gathered around your customized living space, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice when it comes to active adult living into retirement.

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