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There are a lot of reasons to move when you’re older. When your family-raising years are behind you, your needs for a home change. You don’t need to worry about being close to the right schools and other families. In fact, you may want to find a neighbourhood that’s distinctly more mature, quieter, and less wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of 9-5s and raising kids. But where do you go to find that specific set of criteria?

Among the options available to you are adult lifestyle communities. They offer an opportunity to live somewhere that’s quiet and with plenty of space. Now that many more people seem to be leaving the city for the suburbs or country settings, there’s growing interest in quiet communities like these. Potential homebuyers are also seeing more opportunities to seek out rural and exurban life as their offices move toward a remote work basis. They need more space to be comfortable now that they’re spending more time at home, but they can look for houses further from urban centres.


What Are Adult Lifestyle Communities?


These are neighbourhoods that attract older, independent adults. They’re typically built in small communities or at the edge of larger ones, closer to the country and the low-traffic, relaxed lifestyle that comes with lower-density areas.

They tend to offer a kind of lifestyle where your neighbours are at a similar place in life, and it’s easier to meet and make friends with the people who live next door. They’re often built in places that are rich with amenities and things to do, like golf courses and clubs or small-town culture and shopping. The idea is that people are looking for plenty to do now that they have more time on their hands, either because they’re retired or simply because they’re not looking after their kids any longer.

Some adult lifestyle communities with townhomes may be operated by a Corporation, which handles outdoor maintenance like snow clearing for residents. They may also set aesthetic standards in the neighbourhood.

In short, adult lifestyle communities aren’t that different from any neighbourhood, but they have an appeal for older homebuyers who are looking for a peaceful, quiet community with some consistency.

If this sounds like it appeals to you, check out our new homes in Niagara on the Lake located in The Vintages at Four Mile Creek adult lifestyle community.


Who Lives in Adult Lifestyle Communities?


Adult lifestyle communities in Ontario are not age-restricted, but they tend to appeal to older adults whose children have moved out. While they’re sometimes called “55+ communities” in the U.S., many residents are in their 40s. Other residents are often looking forward to their retirement years or already enjoying them.


Why Live in an Adult Lifestyle Community in Niagara?


Niagara is a beautiful part of the province. Located at the southern end of the Golden Horseshoe, it’s located in a temperate microclimate that’s made it the perfect place for vineyards, orchards, and all kinds of fresh, locally-grown produce. With events like the Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake, it’s a culturally vibrant place, and it has stunning natural features like the Falls and Niagara Glen that make it a paradise for people who love the outdoors.

Niagara’s an incredible place to live, but why choose an adult lifestyle community? Here are some of the benefits you gain from choosing a quieter place to live.


1) You Live in a Community of Peers


Meeting your neighbours can be a big challenge when they’re busy with jobs, childcare, etc. When the people in your neighbourhood are on the same page, enjoying more free time without kids or even retired, it’s easier to meet them and make friends. There will always be someone up for a day of golf or a round of tennis.


2) Safer Neighbourhoods


Communities where people know their neighbours are safer and more peaceful. People look out for each other and their properties. You can rest easy when you go on vacation, knowing that your neighbours are keeping an eye on things and looking out for you.


3) Low Maintenance


There are plenty of adult lifestyle communities, including our townhome neighbourhoods, where you can enjoy low maintenance living. The Corporation handles outdoor maintenance like snow clearing and lawn mowing, so you can focus on enjoying life in your new home. That also means there’s nothing to worry about when you go away for a few weeks.


4) Good Health Networks


As you get older, you spend more time on your health. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, there are more routine checkups. You want to have a good family doctor close at hand, so you don’t spend too much time driving to their office. It also helps to have convenient access to hospitals. Niagara Health is a system that provides healthcare at multiple sites throughout the region so that healthcare is always close to home.


Build Your Custom Home in Niagara


Many people who decide an adult lifestyle community is right for them are looking for a home where they’re going to want to stay for a long time to come. When they make that commitment, they want to make sure their home has everything. That’s why Blythwood Homes helps you customize your home before you move in. 

When you work with us, you have your say when it comes to flooring, cabinets, appliances, countertops, paint, and more. You have the option to work directly with suppliers. You can also talk to us about custom windows and doors, closets, showers, etc. You even have an opportunity to take a walk-through during the framing stage if there are customizations you want to make for electrical plans.

When you get a custom home from Blythwood Homes, we make sure everything is to your liking. Your dream home is a long-term investment. You don’t have to accept compromises. Talk to us about building your dream home in an adult lifestyle community.

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