When planning the retirement of your dreams, you’ve got to consider the area where you’ll spend your days just as much as the house where you’ll lay your head at night. After all, purchasing a custom-built home from a company that works hard to match retirees with everything they need for an exceptional living situation may be one thing. It’s another altogether to be sure you’ll love the area where you’ll be living and are confident it will provide you with as much satisfaction as your home.

Scouting Locations for Exceptional Retirement Living

It is no accident that we choose the Niagara region for our communities here at Blythwood Homes. Many Niagara Region home builders prize the area because it has more to offer seniors than most communities throughout Canada, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.

While many locations in Canada have attractive features, nowhere else can give you the perfect blend of amenities, recreation and nature with only a short drive from all of the beautiful Ontario communities you already know and love. 

Luxury Living, Prime Location

You may be attracted to the luxury living that our custom-designed townhomes or bungalows are famous for. The locations we choose have a lot to offer you beyond the front door. With this goal in mind, here are some reasons our homeowners prefer to live in the Niagara Region.

Active Adult Lifestyle Communities

Learning about why seniors love the Niagara communities where we build our homes begins with understanding the advantages you stand to gain from the active adult lifestyle community approach.

After all, it isn’t merely the fact that you’ll have access to leisure and amenities that draw so many retirees to live in our homes; it’s also the fact that you’ll be surrounded by neighbours that share your goal of making the most of retirement living.

It’s no secret that maintaining a vigorous social life is one of the keys to longevity and health for seniors. Between the local availability of fun leisure activities that promote physical fitness and the availability of community events and activities, you’ll be able to upgrade your social life with ease and have no shortage of fun. This is part of the promise you’ll get from an adult lifestyle community focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re talking about physical or social well-being.

Endless Opportunities for Recreation

At the heart of the adult lifestyle community is quick and easy access to leisure activities you’ll enjoy. As with the case of social well-being, an active lifestyle contributes directly to better health, and regular exercise becomes all the more vital as you get older.

The more you get into a routine, the more likely you are to continue the routine; this is where the combination of social and physical health joins together as a driving force of excellent health. When you have a community that encourages you to participate in healthy activities daily, your chances of missing out reduce exponentially.

In such cases, you’ll likely no longer feel the need to ensure you get your exercise; you’ll just be eager to participate in the energetic social activities you’re used to enjoying each day. 

Quality Health Care

The Niagara region boasts one of the finest regional hospital systems in the country. For one, the response times of emergency services in the Niagara region clocked among the fastest in all of Canada. Additionally, the medical care system offers many locations throughout the region, with a growing network of community-based and virtual services available.


There’s no shortage of fun things to do in the Niagara area – including more than physical activity. You’ll also have access to excellent

  • Shopping
  • Fine Dining
  • World-class Entertainment
  • Fabulous Beaches
  • Casinos
  • Fishing
  • Stunning Golf Courses
  • Plenty More

If you’re a fan of scenic walking trails, you’ll stay busy for years trying to cover every inch of natural beauty that the Niagara region reserve for parkland. You may not realize it now, but you can find walking trails that connect the entire Niagara area, with access to most of the communities in the region.

Custom Homes

When you’re tired from a long day of outings and activities, you’ll be grateful that you choose to work with a company that offers custom built homes for seniors and provides every opportunity to help you create the perfect home. While there’s no way to put enough emphasis on the beauty and enjoyment awaiting anyone who decides to move to the Niagara region, we would be remiss, not to mention the benefits of a custom-built home.

Blythwood Homes builds quality townhomes and bungalows perfectly suited for seniors because they allow you to personalize your living experience to match your precise needs. We offer homes in various sizes and layouts, which can also be altered should you desire. You can change virtually any aspect of your home to fit your tastes, such as the paint, cabinets, appliances, lighting or any other feature of your design.

If you’d like suggestions or help working out the custom changes you’d like in your home, you can also enjoy the benefit of our personal décor specialists. Finally, you are able to visit your new home during its construction to gain a better sense of how your custom options will be implemented and make any changes you feel are necessary.

The Niagara region isn’t just a convenient location for those who wish to escape the city during their retirement; it’s one of the most sought-after areas of Canada for retirees to live in. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about what you’ll get with a custom home in the Niagara area. Contact us at Blythwoodhomes.ca

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