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It isn’t easy to plan out all of the details of your retirement but the more you decide on in advance, the easier the transition will be when it eventually arrives. Some of those choices themselves can help you take care of several difficult decisions all in one swoop. Deciding on an active living community is a choice that works in this way.

What is an Active Living Community?

If you’ve been looking into your retirement options, you’ve probably already heard of active living communities, also known as active adult lifestyle communities. In the most basic terms, such communities are designed to allow people over the age of 55 to live in a community that helps promote an active lifestyle and socialization.

When you live in a community full of people who share similar retirement goals, you’ll find it easy to maintain the lifestyle you desire. Blythwood Homes offers custom-built homes in communities located near an abundance of attractions and amenities in the Niagara area in the spirit of helping people to achieve a long and fulfilling retirement experience.


To create the best plan for your retirement, you need to factor in all the options that will help ensure positive living experiences throughout your golden years. Active adult lifestyle communities take care of many of these factors in advance by offering nearby options for entertainment, physical fitness and social activities.

This kind of experience isn’t possible just anywhere. It takes a particular part of the world, situated in the middle of a network of slow-paced, small-town communities where people appreciate the benefits of living the good life.

One of the most significant benefits of living in the Niagara Region is that you’ll enjoy the small-town lifestyle while remaining in the heart of central Canada. You’ll remain a few hours drive to some of the most bustling metropolises in Canada to stay connected to loved ones who live nearby.

Customization Capabilities

When you partner with custom home builders in Niagara dedicated to finding ways to make your retirement dreams come true, you’ll find it easy to accommodate any plans you desire. If you’d like to keep your home small and simple, we offer floorplans that will accommodate your needs. If you’d prefer to add an extra room to allow relatives to visit in comfort, such additions are easy to accommodate.

Five Happy Seniors are Sharing Community with a Group Hug in their New Custom Built Home


Our team of expert home builders is eager to modify our template design to accommodate personal goals. Some of the easiest things our layout experts can accommodate are extra rooms. Consider how much you’d enjoy living with

  • Extra Garage Space
  • A Wine Cellar
  • Custom Window Designs
  • The Flooring of Your Choice
  • A Home Fitness Room

At Blythwood Homes, we offer home building layouts that can easily be adjusted to include your plans and are specifically designed with active and social retired living in mind. You get to start with a layout of your choice and then modify it with the help of our building and design experts to meet your goals.

Our company is dedicated to creating custom homes for seniors in the Niagara region so Canadians in lower Ontario can live out their retirement plans affordably and comfortably.  

Energy Efficiency

Are you passionate about making a positive change to the environment and reflecting that desire in how you live? One of the easiest ways to ensure that your impact on the planet is as harmless as possible is to live in a home that offers optimal energy efficiency standards.

Choosing to live in a custom home guided by your design choices will provide you with an enormous number of personal options, such as choosing appliances and windows that meet the standards of energy-star homes around the world.

When you contact Blythwood about owning a home that allows you to consume less energy daily, you’ll be able to contribute to a decreased global carbon footprint and a greener earth for future generations to enjoy.

Opting for environmentally sound additions will also allow you to conserve your power bill, so you’ll be able to save money and live according to your budget plans more readily. There’s no doubt that reducing energy consumption is a win-win situation for everyone involved – it’s just an intelligent thing to do. 

Move-in-Ready Options

When it comes time for you to retire, you don’t want to wait around for small details to begin enjoying this exciting next phase of your life. With the luxury of customizing your home, you’ll have everything you need from day one, just the way that you initially envisioned it.

With a move-in-ready option, you’ll never have to worry about making changes further down the road because everything in your home will be as you planned it from day one. You can even arrive with all of your furniture in place, so you won’t have to take extra time to set everything up.

Safety and Maintenance

When you live in an active living community, you’ll gain access to an abundance of recreational choices close to your home. With these options close at hand, you’ll be able to engage in a more social lifestyle and easily meet your fitness goals. But that’s not all that an active living community has to offer.

You’ll also gain the peace of mind of knowing that you live in a community of similar people who care about the quality of where they live. Along with sharing a community of friendly neighbours, you’ll also be able to hire professional services to ensure your property remains maintained to a high standard and is safe while you’re away on vacation.

With all these wonderful options at your fingertips, you’re probably already excited to move into your new home. Please contact us today to find out more about the active adult lifestyle communities currently in development in southern Ontario. There’s no time like the present to get started.

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