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Adult community living is a phrase you’ve likely heard if you’ve been in the market for a house lately. It’s a term marketed toward older adults, empty nesters, and recent retirees looking for a community that will be a good fit for the lifestyle they want to start leading.

But what is adult community living really all about? It’s having a chance to live around your peers, enjoying a low maintenance lifestyle, living in a space that’s right for you, and being close to the amenities and culture you’re after.


What Age Fits Adult Living?


In Ontario, as with many other places, communities like these aren’t “age restricted,” but tend to appeal to older couples and individuals who are no longer raising their families. Approaching retirement or early retirement seem to be the time when most people start looking for adult communities in Ontario, though some start even earlier. Rather than your age, it’s more about the lifestyle you’re looking to lead.


Perfect Communities for Empty Nesters


Adult communities are made for empty nesters who are free to rethink their living space and their location. When you’re raising a family and in your peak working years, your living options are constrained by proximity to local schools, where you can afford sufficient space, and the length of your commute – all of which can really limit where you choose to live.

As an empty nester looking forward to the best years of your life in retirement, you’re suddenly free from a lot of those constraints. As you reach retirement age, there is a different set of qualities you should be looking for in a place to call home:


  • Proximity to amenities, including the fun things you want to spend your time doing, like nature walks, spending time on the water, or dining out;
  • Age-friendliness, such as a bungalow without a second storey;
  • Communities where you can make friends with people in your age group.


Moving as an empty nester is a chance to find exactly what you’re looking for, now that you’re free to focus on what you want out of your home.


Why Live with Neighbours Your Own Age?


One of the secrets to making friends as an adult is finding people who share your interests and live life at your pace. Now that you’re going to have more time for socializing, living in a community with people who also enjoy more leisure time can make a radical difference in your quality of life.

Neighbours who are still raising kids or striving for a promotion are wrapped up in their own work and family lives. You’ve been there too, you get it, but now is your chance to relax and enjoy an active lifestyle with other retirees.

Make fast friends on the golf course, invite the neighbours over for a backyard barbecue, and enjoy the laid-back nature of your new community.


More Space at Lower Prices


For some, retiring comes with the freedom to finally leave the city behind, along with the traffic, noise, and all the other downsides that come with living in the city and the suburbs. Moving out into the countryside or enjoying small-town life means you finally get to enjoy some peace and quiet. You also get to take advantage of property prices that are much more forgiving than what you’re used to in the city, especially if you’re moving out of Toronto or the GTHA.

More space can be just what you want with your dream home, especially if you plan on hosting family holidays as you add spouses and grandchildren to your table. As your own children start families of their own, it’s time to start thinking about expanding the dining table. You need less space for kids’ bedrooms and more for entertaining.


All the Amenities of the City


Leaving the city for a safe, quiet neighbourhood where you can afford more space for hosting is now within your reach. But what about all the things you like about city living? Nice dinners, wine bars, arts and culture? One of the reasons people love communities by Blythwood Homes is that they can have it all.

Both our current communities are in the Niagara Peninsula: The Vintages at Four Mile Creek in Niagara-on-the-Lake and The Oaks in historic Ridgeway. Niagara is home to some of the best food in Ontario, known for its locally-sourced, farm-to-table restaurants; world-class theatre; and, of course, dozens of wineries that produce some of the finest vintages available in Canada, many featuring restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a fantastic night out.


What to Look for in an Adult Living Community


When you start your search for a home in an adult living community, use this quick checklist to make sure you’re finding the kind of place that will be right for you:

  • Is the community close enough and accessible to family members?
  • If you’re a pet owner, are there any restrictions?
  • What are the municipal tax rates? These can be very different from municipality to municipality.
  • Are there any association fees involved in living in the community?
  • Are there any noise restrictions or other community rules?
  • Is there an association that takes care of outdoor maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it?

Adult communities offer a safe, peaceful environment where you can live in a neighbourhood with people your age, living at your pace. Live close to the amenities you value in the first home of the best years of your life!


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