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Upscale adult oriented communities, are designed for the lifestyles of home owners reaching retirement age but active and looking for a community of people at a similar stage in life.


Your Retirement Should Be the Best Years of Your Life!


Your retirement years should be fun, enjoyable and meaningful. To make this happen you need to plan for your housing needs, social needs, and finances.


Housing Design Is Important


What should you be looking for in your new home? While most people talk about downsizing, you may not actually want to lose space. What is certain is that you want to be living in a bungalow home, which will allow you to live comfortably and avoid those stairs.

The home you want in retirement should have more entertaining space and a spacious master bedroom and ensuite.

Covered exterior terraces are a great feature for retirement living. Now you have time to relax or entertain with drinks or a BBQ, and a covered terrace means this can happen without worry about retrieving cushions or maintaining soggy lawn chairs.


Housing Quality Is a Big Plus


Retirement will certainly be a lot more fun if you re in a top-quality home with low maintenance, low utility costs, and clean, pure air.

Other perks for your retirement haven might include a home theater, surround sound and speakers in various locations, video-enabled security gas stoves and upscale kitchens.

After a lifetime of working hard, raising a family, and saving for retirement, residents in adult-oriented communities are ready to relax and try new things. You’ll find in your neighbours like-minded people who are ready to strike up new friendships.

As Niagara home builders, we build active adult communities. Currently we are working on homes in two communities: The Oaks at Six Mile Creek and The Vintages at Four Mile Creek. Both are great opportunities to live in a new community with other adults and enjoy low-maintenance homeownership.

If you’ve thought about moving into an adult community, now is your chance to learn more about them and what they have to offer.


Low Maintenance Exteriors


One of the most popular features of adult living communities is low maintenance exteriors. Detached homes in our communities have low maintenance exteriors.

 The Townhomes in our communities are condominiums, which means that exterior maintenance such as snow-clearing, raking, landscaping, and mowing are taken care of for you.

It’s ideal for anyone who’s sick of yard work, as well as anyone who loves to travel. You won’t have to worry about making sure the grass is mowed or the snow cleared when you’re on vacation.


An Enhanced Social Life


In adult lifestyle communities, you find neighbours who are in a similar position as you. They’re beginning to enjoy more free time on their hands and they’re looking for opportunities to make new friends and share activities which could be golfing, boating theater dining or a weekly outing to the local greasy poon for breakfast.

After a lifetime of working hard, raising a family, and saving for retirement, you are now communities are ready to relax and try new things. You’ll find in your neighbours like-minded people who are ready to strike up new friendships.


Active Lifestyles


Fitness and activity are a big part of adult lifestyle communities and the amenities reflect that. In our Niagara communities, we’re lucky to be so close to a number of hiking trails and beaches, as well as restaurants, entertainment options, farmers’ markets, and vineyards.

The Vintages at Four Mile Creek in St David’s NOTL, is only minutes away from the Niagara Parkway including walking and Biking Trails, along the Niagara River.  Some of the sights you can find on the trail include Niagara-on-the-Lake’s famous Floral Clock, the Botanical Gardens, and the Niagara Gorge trail, not to mention several wineries where you can take a break and treat yourself.

The Botanical gardens located on the parkway provide an amazing place to stroll and take in the beautiful gardens maintained by the Niagara Parks Commission.

There are some great local golf courses, including The Niagara on the Lake Golf Club, St. David’s Golf Club, and Eagle Valley Golf Club. For those who enjoy nothing more than teeing up on a long sunny day, Niagara has plenty of options for you.

Our Oaks community in Ridgeway, is only minutes from the shores of Lake Erie and Crystal Beach. Ridgeway is a charming and welcoming community with historic architecture and great places to stroll. Soak up the sun, take a stroll along the lakefront, or enjoy the lakefront nightlife in nearby Crystal Beach. Many of our lots back on to a 20-acre forested conservation area and the wildlife is amazing.

Some of your new neighbours will be the local deer and bird life. The Oaks is a short stroll away from downtown Ridgeway with its quaint shops, local restaurants and pharmacies. Residents enjoy the seasonal outdoor farmers market in the downtown and the summer and winter festivals.

Thanks to our locations near biking trails, golf courses, and nature parks, Blythwood Homes builds active living communities with plenty of opportunities to get out, explore, and stay active. 




Healthcare in the Niagara Region is world-class and easily accessible. The Niagara Health System consists of five hospital facilities located throughout the region where you can access emergency care and medical specialists who can address most healthcare issues. Niagara Health said the new south Niagara hospital will be even larger than the massive new St. Catharines hospital.

The province reaffirmed its commitment to the new south Niagara hospital in 2017, when former provincial health minister Dr. Eric Hoskins said the new site would have “a wide range of clinical services,” ranging from emergency services, stroke care, diagnostic services including MRI and CT scan services, as well as mental health and additions services to name a few. This hospital will be within 15 minutes of St David’s and Ridgeway.

The Niagara Health System is organized as a multi-site hospital in order to better integrate care throughout the region. The Niagara Health System is prepared to handle issues including diagnostics, cardiac services, cancer care, asthma, and a large range of medical specialities. Serving a population of over 450,000, healthcare in Niagara is top notch.


Life in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Ridgeway


As new home builders in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we love this community and everything that makes it unique. From the mild Niagara micro-climate to all the great people who call the region home, we think you’ll fall in love with Niagara too.

If you want to own a custom home in Niagara on the Lake, or in Ridgeway, we’ve been building new homes for over 30 years. The reason we started building in Niagara is because of all the places where we’ve built homes, we believe that the natural beauty and culture of Niagara makes it the best place to live in Ontario.

Not only is Niagara a wonderful place to live, we believe in building remarkable homes and apply design excellence, upscale finishes, and beautiful craftsmanship to each of the homes we build. If you want to customize your home, we help you work directly with contractors and suppliers to select the materials you want, including flooring, appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and paint. A personal décor specialist goes over any custom changes you want to make sure it’s right for you.

Adult lifestyle communities are communities where you can find your dream home. Master planned communities put architectural controls on the neighbourhood, so you don’t have to worry about eyesores being built long after you’ve moved in. Enjoy peace and quiet, a great community, an active lifestyle, and plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

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