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People often move because they want to upgrade to a home that provides more of the fine things they’ve worked hard to enjoy. No matter what the housing market looks like, you should always get options whenever you move into a new home. After all, if there’s one sign of a successful move, it’s that your new property offers more choice to you daily and contains exceptional things that you didn’t have to enjoy before.

Here at Blythwood Homes, we offer some of the most desirable new bungalow townhomes available in Canada. Our homes give you choices about the excellent features your new house will include, and they are always situated in the best places for retirees to live.

Exciting News about Our New Bungalow Townhomes

The trouble with many products you can buy today is that manufacturers can’t seem to separate quality from quantity. So often, if you want more features, you need to buy a larger item or upgrade to a deluxe model that forces you to pay for things you don’t want.

What you really need is an option that gives you practical value while containing all the things that got you interested in the first place. That said, the only way that any company can give you the best of both worlds in this way is to allow you to choose the features that you want most.

We’re excited about our latest development of bungalow townhomes, and when you see them, you will be too. Blythwood Homes works to provide everything you need in a home that contributes to a fulfilling and enriching retirement lifestyle. That’s why our new bungalow townhomes are designed to offer an affordable cost in a home capable of coming loaded with any of the features you want.

What Will You Value Most in Your Retirement Years?

As you approach retirement, gaining options regarding your home, lifestyle and ability to do more things, in general, will become essential. After all, your career may define a large part of your life, but your retirement is a time to embrace your newfound freedom and enjoy the opportunities that freedom affords.

What many people don’t realize about retirement is that the place you live will influence the way you spend your time to a large degree. If you combine the concerns that retirees have about where they’ll live with how they want to live, what do you get?

You get a picture of the best things to consider in a custom home built specifically to fit your retirement plans. Some of these include:

  • Comfort
  • Freedom
  • Recreation
  • Leisure
  • Privacy

If you can describe the place you’re about to buy and move into in terms like these, you have a clear sign that you’re making the right move.

The Top Must-Have Features for Retirees

Buying one of our move-in ready homes is similar to buying a luxury sedan in the sense that you can choose to include a few add-ons that work best for your needs, or you can get it fully loaded. After many years of developing homes that retirees dream about, we’ve come to know what people tend to want in a home pretty well. Here is a list of the most in-demand features retirees ask for in their home designs:  

  • Extra Spacious Master Bedroom and Ensuite
  • Covered Terraces for Enjoying the Outdoors
  • High Ceilings
  • Massive Windows that Let in Lots of Light
  • Extra-wide Floorplans
  • Beautiful Landscaping

You may want to take a page from these classic options or have a few original ideas in mind about what to include in your home. However you envision your next home, our team of expert home builders is here to turn your dreams into a reality.

Energy Efficiency

Not only do you get the chance to design homes built the way you want, but you also get to include an abundance of upscale features when you work with our team. Many of our customers are eager to include energy-efficient options in their new homes along with the top design features; this means your home can have a better environmental impact because it uses up less power daily.

It also means that your home will be more cost-effective to run day-to-day. When you choose to have energy-efficient appliances, windows and doors installed in your home, you’ll be able to save money and waste less power without even trying.

Luxurious Privacy

When you’re in a bungalow townhome, you can gain all the privacy you want by opting to include extra features to create a space that is entirely secluded. Whether you prefer privacy screens, a privacy hedge or increased insulation in your walls, you’ll be able to create the peaceful sanctuary you desire.

Active Community Living

When you’re done enjoying the peace and quiet of your private bungalow townhome, you may feel like hitting the golf course, unwinding at the beach or enjoying some upscale shopping. Our homes are situated within active adult living communities,  allowing our clients to gain the most out of their experience living in our homes.

The active adult lifestyle isn’t only about creating opportunities for retirees to meet neighbours with similar interests and enjoy healthy activities; it’s about partaking in an engaging lifestyle that encourages vital social and physical well-being. It is also about having the option to engage at your own pace and choose the types of active leisure that you enjoy most.

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions of your life, but there’s nothing better than the satisfaction you get when you’ve just moved into a new home, knowing you’ve made the right decision. Before you dive, consider the attractive features that could be waiting for you in your new townhome.

Please get in contact with us to find out more about the experience you’ll have when you choose a Blythwood Home.

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