Despite what some might tell you, the winter isn’t the best time to sell your home. If you’re planning on putting your home on the market this winter, you should consider waiting for the spring to list it. Here are all of the reasons why the spring is a great time to list your home, along with a few tips on how to prepare your home for sale in the spring to ensure you’re ready on time: 

Time to Prepare for a Sale

In real estate, one of the main goals in staging for a showing when downsizing your home is to give the potential buyers a strong sense of how much they will enjoy living in that space. It takes time to perfectly stage your home for a fast sale at the price you want. Waiting for the spring will allow you time to plan ahead and get it right the first time.

Explain Your Reasons for Moving

Along with showcasing how your current home is ideal for families when you’re planning to sell your home because you’re moving after retirement, it helps to explain your reasons for selling. This strategy will allow you to demonstrate to buyers that there aren’t any problems with your home enticing you to sell, merely that you’ll be better suited to a custom townhome or bungalow as empty-nesters.

Find Your Next Dream Home

While you want to do as much as possible to ensure you get an excellent price for your house when it sells, remember that you’ll also need to plan for your next home. If you list your home too soon, you could need to move before you have your next home ready. Instead, you can use the winter months to find your next home and ensure it is ready in time for you to list your home in the spring.

For example, you can consider moving to an adult lifestyle community where you’ll get the most out of your retirement by living in an area that encourages a social lifestyle and physical fitness. While your current home may be perfect for a young family just starting that requires plenty of space, a home that requires less maintenance and property taxes will allow you to get more out of your retirement.

A Home Stages with christmas Decor

Retirement Planning Made Easy

At Blythwood Homes, we offer move-in ready custom homes in prime locations designed to make your retirement plans come to fruition as efficiently as possible. Custom townhomes and bungalows are perfect for those who want to maximize their ability to remain at home for as long as possible.

When you choose a home located in one of our active adult lifestyle communities in the Niagara region, you’ll also benefit from living close to exceptional shopping, the natural beauty of southeastern Ontario, as well as world-class shopping and entertainment options.  

Planning Your New Home

Whether you’re moving to The Oaks or one of our other popular active adult community locations, you’ll want to be sure you’ll enjoy your new location as much, if not more, as you did in your previous home. The best way to get the most out of the following home you buy is to choose a custom-built option. With a move-in ready, custom-built home, you’ll be able to make decisions regarding almost any feature of your new house, so you can add the personal touch that will turn it into a home from day one.

When you get to choose what to include in a custom home, you’ll be able to add extras like guest rooms that are ideally suited to host your children and their families. You’ll also get the opportunity to incorporate aspects of your present home into your new property. For example, if you prefer to keep a similar style of kitchen cupboards, you’ll be able to choose the right option for your new home.

More Appeal for Curbside Window Shoppers

One of the reasons why the winter isn’t a great time to sell your home is that it is easier to attract more potential buyers in the spring. The more demand for your home, the more likely you’ll get excellent value for it in the sale.

Potential new homeowners will often drive around areas where they prefer to look for houses for sale. The poor weather doesn’t allow for a great outdoor viewing experience in the winter months. In the spring, the addition of spring blooms can boost the visual appeal of your home and increase the chances that you’ll find more interested buyers. There are also more people out looking for houses for sale at this time.

A Better Time to Move In

Besides the appeal of a more attractive-looking home and a higher number of potential buyers looking for homes in the spring, people prefer to buy in the spring so they can move in the summer. Summer tends to be the most popular time of the year for moving for a few reasons. For one, the summer brings better weather, which makes moving into a new home and transporting personal items much easier.  

Secondly, children are out of school in the summer, so the process of moving doesn’t interrupt their schoolwork. Moving in the summer also provides children with plenty of time to get settled in a new neighbourhood before the following school year begins.

Given these factors, the real estate buying and selling cycles favour the spring and summer months more than the winter months. That’s why anyone who decides to sell their home at the beginning of winter is better off waiting for the spring before listing.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a burden – in fact, when you give yourself more time and a better chance at the sale you want by waiting until spring, it can be an enormous benefit. Just remember to plan your next property before you list. Contact us at Blythwood Homes to find the perfect solution for your next luxurious home.

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