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Adult lifestyle communities are becoming one of the most desirable destinations for empty nesters, retirees, and anyone looking for a community that’s a bit older, quieter, and not as family-oriented. Adult lifestyle communities in Ontario are communities of detached homes and townhomes, often single-storey bungalows for long-term accessibility, where you can enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle in a beautifully-located dream home.


What Are Adult Lifestyle Communities?


They’re places where you can live an active lifestyle among neighbours at a similar place in life. They are not very different from other residential communities, but they geared toward low maintenance living and retirement-friendly lifestyles.

As homebuilders in the Niagara region, Blythwood Homes is proud to be building two adult lifestyle communities right now: The Vintages in Niagara on the Lake and The Oaks in Ridgeway. Adult living is about moving into a community where you can enjoy a stress-free retirement on your own terms.


Your Checklist for Finding the Perfect Community


How do you find the perfect adult lifestyle communities in Ontario? This checklist will help you narrow down your options and define what you’re looking for when you move.


#1 Access to Healthcare


As you get older, access to healthcare becomes a much bigger priority. You want hospitals, clinics, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacies, and other medical essentials and specialists to be close at hand, not an hour’s drive away. Healthcare, along with family, is also one of the biggest reasons that retirees choose to stay in Canada when they could move to a sunnier destination.

Moving to Niagara means having world-class, accessible healthcare right in your community. A network of connected hospital sites in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Fort Erie, Welland, and Port Colborne mean that wherever you move in the region, you’re only a short drive away from hospital care. The region’s population of 450,000 means that there are plenty clinics, family doctors, and specialists available.


#2 Low Maintenance Living


Typically, interior maintenance and daily upkeep are the responsibility of the homeowners in communities like these, while exterior maintenance is handled by the Corporation. That’s the case in Blythwood Homes communities when you move into a townhome bungalow.

It’s a great deal for anyone who plans on going on long vacations. If you’re the type who has been planning on spending your retirement travelling the world, you can take tasks like clearing the snow from the driveway or keeping the yard from become overgrown off your vacation checklist without having to worry about it.


#3 Great Homes


Great communities begin with great quality homes. The homes we build are the products of our passion for great quality construction and building communities where people will feel proud to live. It’s our philosophy to “go beyond the building code,” using leading edge construction products to build more durable, comfortable, and energy efficient homes.

Our work in home building has been recognized by industry peers through numerous nominations for Best Design Awards. With over 30 years of experience in homebuilding, founder and CEO of Blythwood Homes Robert Mills has made a reputation for innovative design, exceptional quality, and outstanding architecture.

See for yourself the difference quality construction makes; for more information about our homes click here and get in touch with us.


#4 Future Needs


Long-term planning should be part of any home purchase you make now. Buying a house with two floors and lots of stairs may not wind up being the best idea in years to come. Bungalow houses are the best way to make sure your home in an adult lifestyle community is suitable for you for the long-term.

For those who are looking for more space, when you invest in a Blythwood Home, you have the option for a finished basement. A finished basement can be a great investment for creating an extra bedroom, recreation space, or den for entertaining.


#5 Efficiency and Comfort


Whenever you’re buying a new home, you should have an eye on its energy efficiency and comfort levels. A more efficient home is going to be a more comfortable one in all seasons. From your HVAC system to insulation to windows and doors, using superior construction materials and Energy Star appliances will mean lower electricity bills. It will also just be easier to keep your home at the perfect temperature, no matter what the weather is doing.


#6 A Strong Community


Finally, you want to make sure you’re moving into a strong community. With adult living in one of our communities, you live in a master-planned community that holds itself to high standards in terms of design and aesthetic. Your neighbours are there to enjoy the best years of their lives and take life at a more relaxed pace.

As you start your search for adult lifestyle communities in Ontario, pay a visit to Niagara on the Lake and the whole Niagara region. It’s an incredible place to live with all the amenities you could ask for and a great community. Get in touch with us and find quality homes in our communities.

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