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You’re looking for a new home and you’re wondering whether you want new construction or something that’s going to need a bit (or a lot) of work done before you can start living there. It can be a tough question to answer, but ultimately it comes down to what you’re prepared to do at this stage in your life.

Ultimately, a fixer-upper is going to be more time and effort than a move-in ready home, while new construction that’s ready will be a lot less of a headache.


Buying a Fixer-Upper


There are a lot of good reasons a fixer-upper could work for you. You can certainly save on the purchase price of a home that’s seen its share of wear and tear. Fixer-uppers are usually priced accordingly in order to make sure they’re not on the market too long. That also means saving on the Land Transfer Tax, as the buyer pays. But there are a lot of downsides too.


#1 The Cost (and Effort) of Renovations


Renovations aren’t cheap and the costs can quickly eat up any savings you enjoyed from the discount. No house is the same, so you will have to assess the renovation costs case by case. In this case, always make sure the contractor sees the house before you place your offer. You may even need a structural engineer to take a look if it’s in really rough shape, and it can cost over $500 just for them to make an inspection.

You could save on the cost of renovations by doing some of the work yourself if you’re handy, but think long and hard about whether or not the effort is something you’re willing to invest. Renovations can quickly eat up your free time.

There can also be complications after buying, and you will most certainly want inspection contingencies that can protect you from major issues such as pests, mold, or septic issues. Do you really want to deal with all that when a move-in ready home could be an option?


#2 Design Issues


With an older home, whether you plan on renovating extensively or not, you’re also getting all the design issues that come with it. Older floor plans weren’t made with contemporary living in mind. From kitchens and bathrooms to the electrical plan and small closets, older houses come with a lot of design that just doesn’t fit life today.

With a home from Blythwood, you have options to customize your bungalow townhome, so that you have the design and features you’re really looking for ready to go when you move in. That’s the point of buying a dream home. You get exactly what you want, from the floor plan to the kitchen cabinets.

If you’re approaching retirement and looking for a home as an empty-nester, don’t forget about age-friendly design. A single-storey bungalow will be much more adaptable.


#3 Energy Efficiency and Comfort


Older homes often have 2” x 4” framing with little in the way of insulation. Also old construction methods did not include high performance air barriers to keep cold winds out or inside vapour barriers to prevent mold. In short, only a new home will give you first class energy efficiency and comfort.


#4 Costs Are Hard to Determine


Even experienced contractors cannot give you an accurate estimate of the costs of renovations until they start work and open up walls.


#5 It Takes Time


Finally, when you buy a fixer-upper, it means waiting until you can move in. That can be costly too, as you may wind up paying property taxes on two houses, or the cost of a temporary rental as you wait. An uncertain move-in date can also complicate the sale of your own home, which you might be relying on for the purchase of a new home.

Just as importantly, how long are you willing to wait? If you’re in the market for a new home, there must be things about where you’re living now that are leaving you unsatisfied. Why wait for your dream home when you can move in sooner?


Reason to Buy a Move-In Ready Home


A move-in ready home offers everything you want in your dream home. There are a lot of reasons to buy a home from the builder, and if you’re on the hunt for your dream home, you can also work with Blythwood Homes to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.


#1 Low Maintenance


Not only do you get to skip the pre-move-in renovations, new construction homes are much lower maintenance than a home that’s already been lived-in. At Blythwood Homes, we value high-quality construction techniques and materials that are designed to last.

A well-constructed home is made with value, comfort, and durability in mind. You can also rest assured moving to one of our communities that all the homes in the neighbourhood have been built to the same standards. You will also enjoy the assurance of the New Home Warranty as well as warranties on plumbing, heating, HVAC, roofing, and siding.


#2 Energy Efficiency


Blythwood Homes are Energy Star certified, using energy efficient construction materials that will make your home more comfortable and cheaper to heat and cool no matter what the season. Our homes make use of energy efficient windows and doors, insulation, appliances, and more. Energy efficient windows can reduce your heat loss by as much as 25 to 30%. Put plainly, new homes are better at regulating temperatures and keeping you comfortable.

One of the big problems with old homes it that they are not energy efficient. For a number of reasons, including older construction materials, older technology, and just being built in a time when energy was cheaper, old homes are bad for the environment and expensive to keep comfortable.


#3 Customization


Customization is a feature you only get when you buy from the builder. When you customize your home with Blythwood Homes, you work with suppliers to select the materials you want, including:


  • Flooring
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Paint colours
  • Appliances
  • And more


You can also work with Blythwood’s specialist to work through any custom changes such as trim sizes and styles, doors, and windows.

When it comes to buying your dream home, new construction is the best way to make sure you get exactly what you want without the hassle. Fixer-uppers can be time consuming, costly, and still leave you with a home that’s not exactly what you were imagining. New construction is customizable, more energy efficient, and best of all, ready for you to move in without any further renovations.

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