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The Oaks at Four Mile Creek is one of our active adult communities in Niagara. Located in Ridgeway, Ontario near Crystal Beach and Fort Erie, it’s only steps from Lake Erie, backed by a forest preserve, and a quick walk from Ridgeway’s historic town center.

We’re building move-in ready and custom bungalow townhomes at The Oaks, and we’re making sure these are houses that can save you money and keep you comfortable all year long. Many residents of active adult communities are looking for ways to trim the amount of money they spend on their homes, and one great way is reducing your home’s energy consumption.

If you want to learn more about buying an active adult townhome that will actually reduce your expenses, it’s time to learn about Energy Star Certification.


Energy Star Certified Townhomes at The Oaks


When you buy a townhome at The Oaks, you’re getting a home that has the coveted Energy Star Certification. Energy Star Certification means wall-to-wall comfort, lower energy bills, peace of mind, and enduring quality.

Smart, energy-efficient townhomes will reduce your utility bills and make it easier to stay comfortable in Canada’s extreme seasons. If you’re sick of fiddling with the thermostat because of drafts in an old house or because you can’t control the humidity indoors, look for Energy Star Certification in your next home.


What Is Energy Star and How Does It Work?


The Energy Star program was started in 1992 as a way to cut down on the large power drain of computers and promote energy conservation. Since its conception, it’s expanded to cover over 50 product categories, including everything from your water heater to your windows to your dishwashers. Energy Star provides valuable information about the energy consumption of a wide range of household goods. The Energy Star label means that a certain product uses less energy than other, similar products.

Energy Star products may be more expensive at the outset, but they deliver ongoing cost savings through the lifespan of the product. You save money every month on your utility bills and you know that you’re cutting down on your personal carbon footprint. In a country like Canada, where we spend tons of energy heating and cooling our homes, an Energy Star certified home can save you substantial amounts in both heating and cooling.


The Benefits of Energy Star Certification


Complete Comfort: Before you even take into consideration the savings, Energy Star homes are just more comfortable. Sealed airtight and better at retaining heat or cool air depending on the season, it’s easier to control the climate and find that perfect temperature.


Independent Inspection: Part of Energy Star Certification is an independent inspection by a certified professional to ensure that the house lives up to Energy Star standards. You can buy with the peace of mind knowing that an independent party has seen and evaluated the home.


Whole Home Ventilation: A constant source of filtered air is essential for better air quality in your home without compromising heating and cooling. In the past, homeowners have worried about  excess humidity in the summer and dryness in winter.


New homes are now equipped with ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators). ERVs act as the “lungs” of your home bringing in fresh air while minimizing energy loss caused by air exchange. Using a heat/energy recovery core, they minimize lost energy while allowing you to run them all season. A membrane in the ERV reduces the humidity from incoming air in summer and reduces the loss of humidity in winter. It’s just one more way that your Energy Star Certified townhome keeps you more comfortable all year long.


Air-tight Sealing: Air leaks and thermal loss are responsible for considerable heat loss. You can save up to 20% on your annual energy bills when your home is sealed air-tight to Energy Star expectations.


Insulation: At Blythwood we know that proper installation is a critical part of ensuring that insulation is performing optimally. Proper installation means eliminating gaps, voids, and compression, as well as using air barriers to stop air from bypassing insulation. Blythwood uses the innovative ZIP panel system that creates an impenetrable air barrier around the entire exterior of your home.


Remember that having the right materials is only half the story. The quality of workmanship is equally important.


Energy Efficient Windows: Ordinary windows lose heat a number of ways, including:


  • Radiation through the glazing
  • Conduction through spacer bars and
  • Conduction through the frame and spacer bars
  • Air leakage around the frame


Our Blythwood townhomes at The Oaks use high-performance windows using the worlds best Cardinal glass with Argon gas between the panes. Energy efficient windows and doors are a cornerstone of Energy Star Certified homes.


Own an Energy Efficient Townhome in Niagara


As home builders in the Niagara region, building beautiful homes is our passion! Our architects and staff spend countless hours to create elegant and functional home designs.  Our custom bungalow townhomes that we build in our adult communities in Niagara, are as energy efficient as they are beautiful. Energy Star Certified townhomes save you money, keep you comfortable, and they help protect the environment.

Moving into an adult lifestyle community in Niagara gives you a chance to own the home of your dreams with neighbours who share your pace of life. Adult lifestyle communities give you peace and quiet while still only steps away from all the amenities you’re looking for, whether it’s the lakefront, great restaurants, or arts and culture. You can have it all in an Energy Star Certified townhome in Niagara. Call us for more information about energy efficient building materials and appliances, custom homes, or move-in ready houses at The Oaks.

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