Finding the perfect home today can seem like an impossible task. Many of the typical new homes today look the same. If you’re looking for a home with classic features or a unique personality, you’re stuck taking a risk with an older home that could have significant issues. The only way to buy a home that suits your tastes and requirements is to buy a custom-built home from a quality home builder.

The Perfect Features for Your Family

Your family home is where you’ll be raising your children and balancing a successful career. What aspects of a home will your family value the most? There are features that every family wants to enjoy, such as comfort, safety and investment value, but there are others that will be particular to your unique tastes and personalities.

Anyone looking for the perfect home to provide for a family shouldn’t have to make compromises. When you partner with Blythwood Homes to create a dream home for your family, you’ll never have to compromise by sacrificing any of the features you want or need. You’ll also enjoy excellent investment value for your home. Here are a few specific reasons why the best custom home builders can create a property that will be perfect for your family.

How to Find Your Fairy-tale Dream Home

If you want to find a home that fits your family, like a glass slipper on Cinderella’s foot, you can’t wait for a fairy godmother to make one appear. Luckily, when you partner with our experienced team of custom home-building professionals, you can create your own magic — and share it with your family.

Advantages of Buying a New Home

Along with getting exactly what you’re looking for, there are many other attractive advantages to buying a new home rather than searching endlessly for a resale that works for you. For example, you should consider the following:

  • Lower Maintenance with Brand New Building Materials Throughout
  • No Surprises such as Costly Unexpected Renovations
  • Lower Utility Bills Due to Better Insulation
  • Better Price Growth and Resale Value for Return on Your Investment

If you’re looking for a property that your mom and dad will be happy to help you purchase, a new home with guaranteed investment value is sure to make a convincing choice.

Avoiding the Wild Goose Chase of Searching for a Home in 2023

Imagine finding a home with the perfect interior design you’ve been looking for but not enough room to accommodate your family. Later, you find a home with ample space for a young family to grow but isn’t much to look at in terms of style.

Alternatively, you could find a home that offers both features yet is in rough condition. In today’s market, tracking down the right home in a location you want can turn into a wild goose chase. You can skip by months of frustration when you work with our team of custom home builders at Blythwood Homes to design and build your dream home so you can help create the home you really want.

Additional Rooms

If you have a large family, you might need more room to accommodate them. Even when you choose one of our custom built townhomes, you be able to make additions that allow you to accommodate any sized family. In this case, your options in finding a used or previously built home will be limited. While you may find the right number of rooms you need, you’ll more than likely be unable to find the right features.

Along with extra bedrooms, you should take the time to consider all of the other uses you’ll get when you choose custom homes built by Blythwood and decide to add an extra room to the floor plan. Here are a few types of extra rooms you might want to add to your new home:

Family Room or Rumpus Room

Many family homes contain a formal living room or sitting room for the purpose of entertaining guests, but this room should remain clean and ready for sudden visits at all times. It also usually contains your best furniture, which you don’t want to expose to the wear and tear of everyday use by a busy family of young children.

The answer to this problem is to include an extra room in your home designed for family time. By adding a family room to your home, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your formal living room. Instead, you can enjoy a second living room with your family that’s perfectly suited for play, art projects, board game nights, homework or watching a movie together as a family.

Other Custom Options You Can Choose

If you’d like to really perfect your new property to guarantee you’ll be happy with the result for years to come, you need to look beyond the floor plan. One of the key advantages of working with a custom home builder is that you can make any kind of suggestion regarding a change you want, and we’ll work hard to accommodate your plan.

Taking part in the selection of the finer details of your property’s interior design will help turn your house into a home, so you won’t have to worry about making further renovations down the road. Some of the aspects of your home’s design you might decide to personalize include the following:

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Lightning Fixtures
  • Energy Efficient Choices
  • Custom Window Options
  • Paint Colour and Quality

Quality Craftsmanship

Along with all of the variety you can include in your home to give it a personal feel that your family will love, one of the best reasons to work with a custom home builder is that you’ll be guaranteed to end up with a superior quality product.

Like almost everything else you can buy in 2023, construction materials are more expensive than ever. The result is that many home builders today choose to cut corners in terms of materials and labour costs. However, when you work with our team of experienced home builders, you’ll be opting to ensure a better result in terms of overall quality.

You can even take a tour of your new home while it is being built to double-check that everything is built to your standards or make last-minute changes if things don’t look quite right. What better guarantee can you have that your family will get the best kind of home? That’s also a guarantee of a solid investment in resale value further down the road.

Now that you have plenty of reasons to choose a custom home for your family, it is time to get started on your next step. Please contact our team to find out how you can get started on a custom-built home as soon as possible.

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