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Moving home is a big change, but there are times when a big change is exactly what you need. For empty nesters, pre-retirees, and those already enjoying retirement, a new home in a new neighbourhood could be the change that your lifestyle needs.

Your priorities and expectations change as the years go by and your family matures. Your old neighbourhood can feel too busy or noisy. While the pace of your life is changing, you can find yourself in a place that’s still rushing around and doesn’t have time to enjoy a morning coffee.

If you’ve felt like you want more peace and quiet in your neighbourhood, it could be time to look at homes in adult communities.

Adult lifestyle communities are quiet neighbourhoods that attract older, more established homebuyers rather than families. They’re often found on the edge of cities or in the kind of small town that has become popular with homebuyers leaving the city behind, such as Ridgeway in Niagara.

Right now, Blythwood Homes is building custom dream homes in the charming, historic town of Ridgeway. We have a long history of building excellent communities in the area, and we’re committed to helping make Niagara home to many more.

When you’re looking for homes in an adult lifestyle community, it helps to know what features you should be looking for.

Customize Your Dream Home

Customizable features in your new home will make all the difference. While we also have move-in ready homes available, working with us on a custom home is a sure way to get the home you’ve always wanted.

Part of the appeal of moving into a new construction home is that everything is already just the way you want it. There’s no need to plan extensive renovations to match your tastes. Everything from the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom tiles is already exactly what you wanted.

Other features that you can customize include shower and closet size, window and door trim styles, countertops, appliances, and paint colours. We’ll also work with you throughout the customization process providing guidance from a personal décor specialist.

Enjoy Energy Efficiency

More and more homebuyers are now looking for energy efficient buildings and construction techniques. Not only are they interested in saving on their electricity and gas bills, but they’re increasingly conscious of their personal impact on the environment.

Buildings account for 39% of energy consumption, making them one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting down the amount of electricity and gas you use at home goes a long way toward mitigating your impact on the environment. Plus, it saves you money and keeps you more comfortable in all seasons.

An energy efficient home starts with airtight construction and energy efficient heating and cooling. Heating and cooling are the biggest sources of energy consumption in most homes. Better construction materials and building techniques can dramatically reduce the amount of heat you lose or how hard your air conditioning needs to work.

An Energy Recovery Ventilator goes a long way toward keeping your home comfortable while reducing how much energy is used on heating and cooling. It draws in fresh air from the outside while moderating humidity. It helps keep air from getting stuffy without taxing your furnace or your central air.

Other energy efficiency improvements you can make include upgrading your lighting, water heater, furnace, and other appliances, as well as getting Energy Star certified materials such as windows and doors. When it comes to the exterior, shade trees in the landscaping help keep your home sheltered from the sun in the heat of summer and make a surprising difference.

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Stay Independent Even as You Age

Older and more established homebuyers also keep an eye out for design features that will help them stay independent as they age. It’s lead to the popularity of the bungalow-style home, where living spaces are all located on the first floor.

Whereas many suburban-style homes keep bedrooms on the second floor, keeping the master bedroom on the same level as the kitchen, living room, and other areas where you spend most of your day limits the number of obstacles in your way. While it may not be a concern now, when you get older, health factors can limit your mobility and turn staircases into an issue.

Find a Location Close to Loved Ones

There has been a recent influx of homebuyers looking to get out of the city and get more space for their budget. With workplaces renegotiating the world of remote work, with many moving to hybrid models or sticking to remote work altogether, many homebuyers have more freedom than they ever have before to live where they want. It’s allowed many to start looking at adult lifestyle communities out of the city that they may not have been able to move to until they retired.

At the same time, many want to remain close enough to their families that they can visit and host holiday dinners. That’s one of the factors that makes Niagara such an attractive place to live. Niagara Region is within easy reach of Toronto, Hamilton, and much of Southwestern Ontario, as well as Buffalo and Western New York. While its unique micro-climate and acres of vineyards can make it feel like another world, it’s just a stone’s throw away.

Live in a Community with Great Amenities

There’s more to living in Niagara than the quick commute to the GTA. There’s always something to do in the region, whether you’re looking for a day spent on the golf course or a romantic evening tasting wines and trying culinary delights. From festivals to fresh produce grown right next door, there’s always something to look forward to in the area.

Living in Niagara, you get the best of both worlds: the peace and quiet of the country with many of the amenities of city living. It’s one of the best places in the country to move into an adult lifestyle community.

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