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Adult lifestyle communities are fast becoming a popular option for empty nesters who are looking for a place to live that suits their lifestyle and fosters staying active as they grow beyond being caretakers for their children. These communities are drawing people who are looking to move out of the city and downsize into a customizable dream home in a fantastic region of the province that packs amenity after exciting amenity.

Hold On. What is an Empty Nester?

If you’re married, at or near retirement age, and your kids have all flown the coop, leaving you alone in a house that’s a bit too big for your needs — you’re an empty nester.

Empty nesters typically have the wealth and equity to buy a house they can partially customize, though they’re ultimately looking to downsize — but without compromising on a high quality of life. They might already own income property, so an empty nester knows what to expect out of a prospective house and is often a discerning buyer.

Empty nest buyers are typically looking for new bungalow townhomes in an active adult lifestyle community in a quaint but vibrant area like Ontario’s Niagara region.

What is an Adult Lifestyle Community?

Adult lifestyle communities are neighbourhoods that appeal specifically to households made up only of adults. This usually consists of empty-nesters, retirees, and generally people who are looking to enjoy the best years of their life free from both the hustle and bustle of urban living as well as the noise and commotion of child-rich neighbourhoods.

These adult communities are perfect for people who want to live in a neighbourhood where everyone is at a similar place in life. When everyone owns, the care they put into their home’s exterior including beautiful gardening and landscaping benefits the entire neighbourhood.

Adult lifestyle communities cater to adults who are no longer tied to daily career responsibilities or family lives. They no longer have to care for teenagers, and so they can put more time into their home, their hobbies, and their neighbours.

If you love taking long walks around a beautifully curated neighbourhood, or joining your neighbours for dinner on a beautiful walkout porch, or hitting the nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club for 9 holes on a Saturday morning, this type of community is for you.

Empty Nesters Crave Active Social Lives

What do you do when you become an empty nester? That’s easy, you make new friends. When you live close to people in your age group hitting the same milestones in life, it’s easy to join clubs, share in sports or hobbies, and enjoy the rich cultural life of your town because your neighbours are craving the same types of new adventure that you are.

When moving after retirement, empty-nesters often downsize to bungalows or townhomes that they can customize in order to maximize space. Not only does this allow them to plan for a future that might include limited mobility, but it also allows them to make the most of their social space in the here and now. That’s why Blythwood Homes offers incredible customizable living spaces with bright, beautiful kitchen walkouts and large porches, allowing you to invite friends and family over for dinner and enjoy the beautiful sunsets of the Niagara Peninsula.

Niagara is Paradise

The Niagara region is becoming increasingly popular for empty-nesters because of its incredible mix of natural and cultural amenities, access to healthcare nearby, and picturesque beauty. From great golf courses, to incredible hiking trails along the Niagara River, to some of the best wineries in the world, this region is perfect for people who want to make the most of their free time while staying as active as possible.

As empty-nesters are moving out of cities and settling down in more rural areas such as Niagara-on-the-Lake, it’s easier than ever for them to find their dream home in their dream community.

Many people approaching retirement age decide that they’d like to enjoy a more temperate climate, and thanks to the presence of both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie couched by the Niagara escarpment, the Niagara Peninsula enjoys a much milder climate than the rest of Ontario. This makes for perfect vineyard conditions, which explains why Niagara is the heart of Canada’s winemaking culture. On a warm spring day, you might visit a nearby park, hit up a farmer’s market, tour a winery to enjoy the best vintages of the year, and finish with dinner and a movie downtown.

Home Customization is Key

Once your kids have moved out, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to where you can live and what your new custom dream home might look like.

As custom Niagara home builders, we understand that bungalows have become increasingly popular because of their single floor design, which maximizes open concept living space and dual-use rooms while eliminating stairs. You may think that downsizing from a large urban home is a mistake, but because you no longer need to worry about kids’ bedrooms or game rooms, you can adjust to a smaller property without actually losing much space.

Age-friendly bungalows and townhomes from Blythwood offer large, guest friendly living spaces that won’t be an issue down the road when mobility becomes a concern.

As an empty nester buying a customizable home, you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible array of features. You might consider a skylight, which is a fantastic way to not only bring more natural light into your home, but to warm your living spaces naturally without needing to increase your thermostat. Another popular customizable option is a covered terrace. On hot summer days, a bit of shade makes that afternoon iced tea go down a lot smoother, and you can still host dinner parties outdoors even during a drizzle.

If you’re still asking what to do when you become an empty nester, the answer is quite simple. Enjoy moving into a brand new, customizable home in the beautiful Niagara region and enjoy fantastic lifestyle amenities such as recreation, entertainment, and culture.

Now that you’re no longer raising a family or tied to the city, it’s time to get out there and explore your options for incredible empty nest living.

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