There’s great value in a condominium bungalow town home!

One of the great things about living in a condominium bungalow town home is that all the mundane maintenance of a ground level home is looked after. Sure, there are fees involved, but doing all that maintenance yourself isn’t exactly free.

For openers, you’ll need to purchase a lawnmower, a rake and other gardening implements, so that you can properly look after your grounds in the summer. In addition, there’s the cost of lawn fertilizer and weed inhibitor.

In the fall when dead leaves start to gather in the flowerbeds and shrubs, you’ll have to rake them up, bag them and haul them to the curb. And don’t forget the other fall items like cleaning out the eavestroughs, and shutting down the irrigation system!

Then there’s winter when the occasional snowfall will require a snow blower or shovel, not to mention a sore back. And don’t forget about freezing rain, which will turn your walkway and driveway into a dangerous fun-house slide, unless you get out and de-ice it.

In addition, there’s the tremendous time commitment involved in maintaining both your property and your equipment, as anyone who’s ever used a lawnmower understands, the blades do not sharpen themselves.

Townhouse living at The Oaks eliminates both the time commitment and the expense of doing all that upkeep yourself. At The Oaks you don’t even have to water the grass, as the in-ground automatic sprinklers do that for you as well.

If you got out your calculator, added the cost of all the equipment and supplies and then figured out the cost of the time involved in the maintenance of your property, you would discover that the long-term cost would exceed the condominium fees.

Most importantly, living in a townhouse at The Oaks will give you the gift of leisure, as in many ways it’s almost like living in a resort. As you know a resort would never require its residents to maintain the property, because then it wouldn’t be a resort. Similarly, a bungalow townhouse at The Oaks, offers a retirement lifestyle comparable to living at a resort.

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