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Moving is never easy. It’s a long journey from the day you decide to buy a new home to the day you finally get to settle in, and no one looks forward to doing it. If you’ve ever renovated a property before moving your family in, you’re well aware that the process can be an even bigger headache than you anticipated.

For home buyers who have done it all before, there’s something appealing about the prospect of buying ready to move in homes where you can settle in quickly and get back to life in a new community. Not everyone wants to spend months settling in and remodelling. It means nights and weekends spent at home working on the house, worrying about contractors, coping with dust, and more. Given the option, wouldn’t you rather unpack your boxes and get back to your life as soon as possible?


Quality Craftsmanship in Bungalows and Bungalow Townhomes


As new home builders in the Niagara region, we know that home buyers are looking for quality craftsmanship and building materials, modern and energy efficient appliances, and outstanding design. When your home is well-built and brand-new, you don’t have to worry about fixing anything up before you make it your own.

Blythwood Homes builds new bungalows and bungalow townhomes in great communities throughout the Niagara region. The one-storey bungalow with the option for a finished basement is a great choice for home buyers who are thinking about their future mobility needs. Around the world, older homeowners choose bungalows as a great place to settle in. Fewer stairs mean fewer worries.


The Advantages of a Ready to Move in Home


If you’re looking for convenience, certainty, and low maintenance, you can narrow your home search down to properties where you will be the first owner and occupant. 


#1 Know What You’re Getting Into


If you’ve ever purchased a previously-owned or older property, you might already know what kind of expensive surprises you might find. Some of the most common problems with old houses include:

  • Foundation issues that can cause uneven floors and cracks in the walls;
  • Old roofs that leak and need to be replaced;
  • Building materials like lead-based paint or asbestos that are health hazards;
  • Old electrical systems that can pose a fire hazard;
  • Old appliances that are more likely to break down and will be less energy efficient.

With a ready to move in home, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. You know exactly what you’re getting into with no surprises.


#2 Low Maintenance


All houses built by Blythwood Homes have low maintenance exteriors. One reason to consider bungalow townhomes in the Niagara Region is that all of our townhomes are condominiums, and exterior maintenance like snow clearing, lawn mowing, and landscaping are taken care of by the Corporation.

It’s the perfect setup if you’re tired of yard work or shovelling the driveway. Snowbirds in particular don’t have to worry about making sure the snow gets cleared when they’re travelling. Even if you plan on spending months away, there are dangers to leaving snow in the driveway, such as allowing snowfall to turn into ice. If meltwater were to seep into any cracks in the driveway, its expansion when it refreezes could cause further damage.

Low maintenance living is just one of the perks of living in one of the 55+ active adult communities built by Blythwood Homes. It’s important that your new home and community are right for the lifestyle you want.


#3 No Renovations


There’s no work involved in buying a turn-key property. Buying an older home can be tempting when you compare on price alone, but it’s easy to underestimate the full cost of renovating an older property into your dream home. Not only are renovations costly, but they’re also time-consuming. You can get your dream home without having to change a thing.


#4 No Temporary Living Situations


Sometimes there can be a gap between closing on your home and taking possession of the new property when someone else is trying to move out of the property you’re buying. If you’re planning renovations before you move in, that means even more time spent living somewhere else.

Moving into a temporary residence like a hotel or a rental home can be disorienting and leave you feeling out of place for the weeks or months you stay there. At the same time, living in a work zone is stressful, and it can really test your patience. Why add unnecessary stress to your life?

When you’re the first person to own and occupy your home, it’s also easier to schedule your move-in date so that you can avoid the temporary residence altogether.


#5 Modern Amenities and Comfort


New homes have one more big advantage over older construction: energy efficiency. Modern appliances and technology make it easier and more affordable to keep a home comfortable in all kinds of weather while using less energy.


How to Make Moving Easier


Moving is always a chaotic experience. No matter how organized you are, something unexpected is bound to throw a wrench in your plans. To a certain extent, you have to go with the flow and change your plan to handle surprises. It doesn’t hurt to get a good night’s sleep, make a checklist, and stay organized. You can also use these quick tips for staying organized:

  • Label each and every box;
  • Categorize boxes by destination room;
  • Colour code packing tape;
  • Pack a box of everything you need for your first night at your new home;
  • Keep certain essentials with you and off the moving truck.

There’s a lot of talk lately about people leaving the city for small towns, and it may have you thinking that a move would be right for you. High home prices in the GTA mean that more people are moving to Niagara to find more space and communities that fit their lifestyle.

Get everything you want out of your next house and more. Learn more about our move in ready homes in Niagara Region and talk to us today!

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