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Winter can’t end soon enough! But every day the sun stays out just a little bit longer, and Canadians are daring to look forward to spring again. It may happen every year, but that first warm day when the birds return, and the first green buds appear on the trees is something every Canadian looks forward to.

In Niagara, the coming of spring means flowers blooming, getting outside again, the return of farmer’s markets and fresh produce, the start of the theatre season, and the return of food and wine festivals across the region.  

When you make Niagara your home, you’re joining a vibrant community where there’s always something going on. As the snow finally starts to melt and nature comes back to life, there’s plenty to do in town and around the region’s incredible parks and attractions. Here’s what you can look forward to in Niagara as the seasons finally change!


#1 Flowers Everywhere


As spring heads into full bloom, you’ll discover that Niagara has flowers everywhere. In downtown Niagara on the Lake, hundreds of tulips in a wide array of hues spring up along the sides of the streets. Spring is one of the prettiest times to visit NOTL thanks to the bloom, but there are even bigger floral attractions in the area.

Most famously, there’s Niagara’s Floral Clock, a unique floral design that gets changed twice a year and is one of the most photographed destinations in the region. In springtime, you’ll find a stunning display of viola contrasted with golden privet. There are over 16,000 blooms used in each display.

Just to the north of the Floral Clock is the Centennial Lilac Garden, a dreamy garden that covers 10 acres with over 1,200 lilac plants in full bloom. It’s even free to visit.

Further down the Niagara Parkway you’ll find the Botanical Gardens, 99 acres of beautifully maintained flower gardens, including a rose garden with over 2,400 roses, in addition to perennials, azaleas, rhododendrons, and more.

From Niagara on the Lake and all along the Niagara River, the region is a paradise for flower enthusiasts.


#2 Easter Brunch in Niagara on the Lake


Is Easter brunch part of your holiday routine? If so, the dining scene in Niagara has you covered. The culinary arts in Niagara are blossoming throughout the Region with exceptional cuisine available in Niagara on the Lake, St. Catharines and Ridgeway. Niagara region’s best restaurants and wineries serve a special Easter Brunch, such as Three Sisters Winery, Trius Winery restaurant, Treadwell or Backhouse. Plus, it’s located right in St. David’s, only a short drive from the Blythwood Homes community of The Vintages.

For a bit of history and some hearty pub food you can try The Angel Inn which was established in 1789 and is still going strong.


#3 Catch the Start of the Shaw Festival


Niagara on the Lake’s Shaw Festival runs from April to December every year, with 10 productions across three theatres and an audience of over 250,000. The festival brings theatre-goers and tourists from all around, becoming a Canadian cultural icon that surprises, challenges, and entertains in new ways every year.

When you’re a Niagara resident, it couldn’t be easier to find great tickets. Enjoy great seats on a weekday and your pick of performances. This spring you can catch Broadway musical Gypsy, the theatrical adaptation of the Narnia classic Prince Caspian, and comedic farce Charley’s Aunt. There’s always something new and exciting going on at the Shaw Festival.


#4 Get Outside


Once the weather warms up, there’s plenty to do outdoors across the Niagara region. Beyond the Floral Clock and the Botanical Garden, there are tons of natural parks and trails where you can enjoy a leisurely tour.

Check out destinations like Dufferin Park, a 10-acre park consisting of several islands in the river just south of the Falls. There’s also the Niagara Glen, a park that winds its way through the region’s Carolinian forest. Guided tours start in the spring for those who love an outdoor adventure, though you can also explore on your own.

When that first warm day finally hits, don’t forget that you can finally enjoy the weather on the patio of one of the region’s many vineyards for dinner and a glass of wine.


#5 Farmer’s Markets and Stands


As one of the agricultural centres of Ontario, you don’t have to travel far to find farm stands at intersections throughout the region. You can also head into town for a farmer’s market. Things get started slowly in the spring, though even in the colder months you can always find fresh eggs, meat, and honey. By May, rhubarb and asparagus come into season, and as things warm up, you’ll be pleased by the ready availability of fresh fruits. Niagara is the source of 90% of Ontario’s fruit crop, much of it straight from Niagara on the Lake.


Moving to Niagara


Wish your spring plans sounded more like this? It’s always a good time to visit Niagara, but nothing beats moving out here. It’s one of the top destinations in Ontario for retirees because the region offers the perfect combination of local amenities and things to do with all the perks of getting outside the city. Just some of the advantages of life in Niagara include:


  • Minimal traffic;
  • The opportunity to upsize on your budget;
  • Proximity to Buffalo, Hamilton, and, Toronto;
  • A quiet, tight-knit community.


When you’re moving out of the city, you can afford more space and amenities on your budget. Talk to new home builders in Niagara region like us about finding your dream home in the area.

If you can’t wait to move into your dream home in Niagara, register for a community and find out about custom and move-in ready homes in The Oaks in Ridgeway or The Vintages in St. David’s. It’s a great place to live in any season, with plenty to do, see, and taste!

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