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Homebuyers are looking for alternatives to the high-priced markets of urban centres. Many are gaining more freedom than ever to work from home or limit the time they must spend in the office, and that allows them to set their sights further afield when they want to buy a new home. 

Anyone thinking about leaving the city behind, especially from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, should take a good look at Niagara Region. There has been growing demand in the area spurred by homebuyers looking for more than what they can get in over-priced urban markets. In Niagara, they find:

  • More indoor and outdoor space for their money;
  • A part of Ontario with a more relaxed pace;
  • Homes that have enjoyed price resiliency through the last few months;
  • A place with a great lifestyle and culture that doesn’t cost a fortune.

If you’re looking for new homes in Niagara on the Lake or other parts of the region, you can find great value. But what is living here really like? Not only is Niagara home to some famous vineyards, the region offers a unique lifestyle you won’t find anywhere else.


#1 Local Vineyards


After the Falls, Niagara might be best known for its world-class vineyards. Many of them offer wine tours and restaurants, and all of them are all great places to pick up a new bottle of wine to try with dinner. These are some of the local boutique vineyards you can visit right in the neighbourhood:


Five Rows Craft Wine of Lowrey Vineyards


As noted by many visitors to the Five Rows winery the Lowey’s stunning handmade Pinot Noir is the best that they ever tasted. Their delicious wines benefit from the unique micro-climate along the St. David’s Bench in this area of Niagara on the lake. The winery is up on St. David’s Bench, which puts it in the same neighbourhood of other fine producers.

The Lowrey vineyard is located on the west boundary of the Vintages and can be viewed from lots 1 to 18 in of our Vintages at Four Mile Creek neighbourhood.  


Ravine Vineyard Estate


Located next door to The Vintages at Four Mile Creek, one of the communities we’re building in Niagara on the Lake, Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery is not only a 34-acre organic winery, but it’s also home to one of Canada’s 50 most architecturally significant ancestral houses. New features include a store that sells local items such as jams and jellies. It also boasts a fabulous restaurant with a great view of their vineyards. 


#2 Thriving Independent Business


Although it is a wine connoisseur’s dream, there’s more to Niagara than the vineyards. One of the things that makes Niagara Region a more thriving community is its wealth of independent businesses. Independent stores bring character to a place, offer unique products and services, and they put more money back into the community.

The high cost of living hasn’t just pushed homebuyers out of bigger cities like Toronto. Many young people eager to open their own businesses have had to search further afield to find a place where they can afford to start their own thing. Downtown St. Catharines is a great example of the independent spirit that thrives in Niagara, but it doesn’t stop there.

Niagara remains known for its roadside fruit stands, where you can buy fresh-picked fruit grown right in Ontario’s orchard. There are also tons of farmer’s markets and pick-your-own farms where you can get enough fruit to make jam for the whole year.


#3 A Slower Pace


When you ask the people, who live here what it’s like to move to Niagara, one of the things everyone will tell you is that the pace is slower, and that’s exactly what some ex-urbanites are looking for. While many new businesses have opened, things are quieter.

Moving some place with a more relaxed pace can be a huge benefit to your health. Without the traffic, noise, and pollution that comes with city life, you’ll find that not only can you stretch your budget further, you can breathe easier, sleep better, and you’ll feel less stressed out. If you find yourself frustrated with traffic or other parts of city life, Niagara Region offers a chance to find a more peaceful neighbourhood.


#4 You Can Get Outdoors


If you need to take your appreciation for peace and quiet to the next level, getting outdoors should do the trick. Niagara is home to some beautiful natural scenery, including:

  • Niagara Glen, a nature reserve inside the Niagara Gorge,
  • A beautiful system of parks and gardens like the Botanical Gardens and Queen Victoria Park,
  • Friendship Trail, a hiking and cycling trail that takes you past the Niagara River, through farmland, beaches, and quaint villages,
  • The sandy beaches of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

The natural features of Niagara could be just around down the road.


#5 Quality Homes in Niagara


As new home builders in Niagara Falls building communities around the region, we pride ourselves on building well-crafted homes with quality materials. Blythwood Homes will work with you to build your custom home in Niagara. When you move, you should have everything you wanted in a new home. Niagara offers more options, more space, and more room in your budget than you have in the city. You can expect quality and craftsmanship.

Niagara is a great place to live. If you need more convincing, you can also check out these 5 reasons to build your home in Niagara. Niagara offers famous vineyards, but that’s not all. It offers beautiful natural features, a close community, and a slower, more relaxed pace in life.

Talk to us about finding your dream home in Niagara. 

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