Creating the perfect retirement plan has a lot to do with the home that you choose to live in. At Blythwood Homes, we don’t just build luxurious houses. Our team works to create the ultimate retirement living experience by building homes located in unique and vibrant communities you’ll love.

Custom Design by Our Team and Yours

Many of the features our homes and their communities offer are designed to bring you the best of what retirees seek. But no matter how popular our properties are, there’s always room to add your personal touch. After all, a house is not a home until it is transformed into one by the people who live there.

With the help of our team of award winning custom home builders, you’ll be able to take an ideal design and make it your own. Here are a few reasons why our homes will make the perfect choice for you and a few suggestions about how you can start to shape your new home with your preferences even before we break ground on construction.

Why Sell Your Current Home

While there are many living situations to consider, including where you already live, the key to a successful retirement lies in recognizing how your needs will change when you retire and will continue to change over time. Given your lifestyle change, you’ll need a home designed to fit your plans. It would help if you also considered the benefits of living in The Oaks or one of our other active adult lifestyle communities.

There are two critical reasons why so many retirees decide to sell the home that they live in and move to a new location for retirement. The first has to do with a financial plan that includes downsizing from a home designed for a large family and a burgeoning career. The second reason regards moving to a location focused on allowing retirees to fulfill their wishes for a satisfying retirement lifestyle while encouraging healthy physical and social well-being.

Downsizing for Practical, Luxurious Living

If you sell a larger home, there’s a good chance you’ll gain excellent value in today’s real estate market. Whether you currently reside in a larger city like Toronto or not, prices have increased to the advantage of sellers across Canada. While some speculation has been made that real estate values are likely to decrease in the coming years, there’s no denying that today is a great time to sell a property if you want to cash out at a reasonable price.

Selling a family home can provide you with a substantial boost to your retirement saving which you can put toward buying a home in your retirement that’s better suited to your needs. When you downsize to a home that suits your needs, you’ll also have more money to spend on filling your home with fine-quality amenities. In this sense, you’ll be downsizing to an upgrade.

A Home Built with Your Plans in Mind

There’s little chance that the home you purchased early in your career is the ideal place to spend your retirement. One thing you definitely won’t be planning for after you retire is all the maintenance that comes with living in a large older house. You probably won’t want to worry about cleaning and maintaining a number of rooms you aren’t even going to use, especially if you or your partner develop mobility issues that make stairs a challenge.

On the other hand, moving after retirement will allow you to gain a custom home that you help design to ensure it matches your plans and lifestyle perfectly. We have bungalow floorplans readily available for those who prefer to avoid homes with stairs to ensure no aspect of your home can become a potential burden down the road. These layouts can offer an ideal open concept plan or allow you space to add extra rooms all on the ground floor.

The options you choose to include in your custom home will be up to you. While our floorplans are designed to accommodate retirees, they are only the beginning of what’s possible when you bring your ideas to our team. You’ll also be able to choose your preference in

  • Lighting
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Appliances

What are Move-In Ready Homes?

The purpose of move-in ready homes is to provide new home buyers with the ability to have everything exactly as it should be for comfortable living as soon as the home is finished being built. The main benefit of a move-in ready home is that you’ll have everything ready to go in your home the day you take possession, so you won’t need to worry about hassles further down the road.

When people decide to buy a used home rather than a custom-built model that can come move-in ready, they often find issues that require extra construction and maintenance for renovations. In this case, they might have to put up with further remuddling while they are already living in that house.

Since the home you get with Blythwood Homes will be custom-built to your exact specifications, you won’t have to worry about unfinished work dragging on into the future. You also won’t need to worry about additional expenses that further renovations can often bring.

If you expect to be satisfied with a home that isn’t designed with your personal retirement plans in mind, you should consider whether you still feel that way as you age and some aspects of your home become more of a burden. Instead of settling for a home that’s just good enough, why not create a home that’s perfect for you?

The best way to find out what it means to live in a custom-built home in a welcoming community is to get in touch with us to discuss your options. Call us today to start building a new retirement plan that provides everything you need.

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