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Every stage of life presents you with differing needs, and that’s why the home you live in should reflect the lifestyle that best suits your current situation, and your goals. For empty nesters who find that they’ve outgrown their current property, choosing a new living situation can be challenging because it is vital that those at this juncture of life find a home that ideally matches their retirement plans. That’s where Blythwood Homes can help, providing you with the custom options that you need to fulfill your retirement goals.

Becoming an Empty Nester

When your youngest child reaches decides to make the leap to living on their own, you’ll likely find yourself in a position where you’re paying for and maintaining a larger property than you need. A large home that’s built with raising a family in mind can burden you with more space than you require, including all of the hassles of cleaning and maintaining a property that you do not use.

Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage, the property taxes in your neighbourhood might be a burden or a needless expense. That’s when it’s time to consider how you can take advantage of the value of your property and put that capital towards a home that will make more sense for this juncture of your life. When you work with custom home builders in Niagara Falls or the Niagara region, you’ll find options that will allow you to own a brand-new home in a desirable location.


Making a house into a home isn’t just about constructing a roof and walls out of wood, brick and mortar; it is about finding the right home to fit your life. When it comes to what empty nesters look for in a community, it is important to look at proximity to amenities that encourage an active and social lifestyle. When you live in a community with neighbours that enjoy activities like

  • Golf
  • Gardening
  • Local Arts Events
  • Tennis
  • Hiking

and many other of your favourites ways to spend time, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that will contribute to a long and happy retirement.

Considering Your Options

It’s no secret that there if an enormous number of options to consider when it comes to your choice of living space. That’s why it can be helpful to narrow down your choices by taking a moment to reflect on your current and future lifestyle plans. Even while you’re preparing for retirement, the idea of renting an apartment is likely unattractive to anyone that is used to having the control of a homeowner.

Suppose you’re used to paying off your own mortgage as an investment. In that case, it isn’t likely that you’re going to be very interested in starting over by paying someone else’s mortgage. While you might not need the same amount of space that you did while your children were living at home, you also don’t want to feel crammed into a tiny space like a sardine.

How Blythwood Homes Can Accommodate Your Retirement Dreams

If you’d like to continue being a homeowner but have specific retirement plans in mind, Blythwood Homes can help. Beyond the initial service of offering popular designs in new construction, you’ll get the choice of making custom options, including:

  • Your preference in paint, appliances, flooring, countertops
  • Working with a personal décor specialist
  • Choice in doors and windows, including sizes and styles
  • Changes to meet the need of your budget

Your home will come complete with all of the features you desire as soon as it is finished. However, that doesn’t mean that your home will be off-limits during the construction process. Should you desire to get a feel for your layout, you can visit your new home at the framing stage, and you can even make changes to your plan at this time.

Move-in-Ready Space

When you buy a move-in ready home, that means you will be able to avoid the hassle of making further changes down the road. Many people in this situation continue to work at a career for many years, so it is important that they aren’t distracted by ongoing renovation projects while transitioning to an empty nester lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to save money on later renovations, you want a home that comes ready for visits from your children and grandchildren, or you’re eager to start enjoying your new home in peace, move-in ready builds will provide you with a property that’s ready from day one.

Luckily, there still are many options for move in ready homes in Niagara available for you to choose from. When you work with Blythwood Homes, some of the options that you’ll be able to choose from include:


One of the most popular options for a custom home for empty nesters is a bungalow. This option will allow you to truly feel the privacy that a single unit home has to offer. You’ll also get easy access to all areas of your home without the worry of experiencing mobility issues with staircases.

Credit: Terry Magallanes Via Pexels 

Bungalow Townhomes

For those looking for new bungalow townhomes in Southwest Ontario, there are many attractive options available in engaging communities. A bungalow townhome will provide you with an affordable custom home that will allow you to stretch your retirement funds even further. 

The Best Empty Nester House Plans

It is easier to narrow down your options when you have examples of what other empty nesters tend to choose when they move to a new location after raising their families. When you’re looking for the perfect house for you, it can help to understand how to read floor plans so that you can find the exact specifications that you’ll need.

If you opt to add extra rooms or make other modifications, these choices become much easier when you understand floor plans. We can also work with you to design a new layout that ideally fits the style of home you’ve envisioned.

Making a change in life as big as moving into a new home can be daunting. Make the process easier by working with a company that can work with you to customize the home of your dreams.

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