Blythwood Homes

Better Living with Blythwood Homes

High-end features

The standard features in a Blythwood-built home are normally only found in very high-end custom homes. Standards like rounded corners, furniture grade cabinetry and state-of-the-art energy efficient windows are just some of the outstanding features that are standard in all Blythwood homes.

Passion for excellence

Blythwood’s award-winning designs, with interesting, open concept principal rooms, soaring cathedral ceilings, oversized windows and bright, airy sunrooms combine to create unique and magnificent homes that reflect your good taste, as well as success.

Unique customization

Blythwood’s courteous and knowledgeable staff will make your design and selection process a pleasure with the knowledge that all your needs will be met.

All in all Blythwood offers a level of customer satisfaction that many other builders can only dream about.

Blythwood Homes is a proud Energy Star® Certified Builder

Our homes are approximately 20% more energy efficient than those built to Ontario Building Code. Smarter construction results directly in reduced energy costs AND reduces greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately benefiting your family, the community and the environment.

When you choose Blythwood Homes, the benefits are many:

  • Stay comfortable all year round with high performance heating and cooling systems that never struggles to keep up with exterior temperature extremes
  • Healthier air quality through improved ventilation, ensuring your home is circulating fewer pollutants and allergens
  • Energy Star® homes are built to a higher standard: better insulation, better windows, better doors and more!

Blythwood Energy Star® plus homes are designed, constructed, tested and inspected to internationally-accepted standards providing you comfort and peace of mind, for years to come.