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Why is there window condensation in our new home?
In modern insulated homes you will inevitably find condensation on windows when outside temperatures drop dramatically. This can be controlled through routine maintenance.
Fabulous Homes with Quick Move-in Dates!
Fabulous Homes with Quick Move-in Dates! Come visit our Sales Office and we can show you these great homes!
Here’s why “Energy Star” Homes at “The Oaks and The Vintages at Four Mile Creek” are special:
Inside every Blythwood home in our exciting Oaks and Vintages communities there will be a 3" X 5" decal affixed to the electrical panel stating that the home is Energy Star® certified.
Live Large in Luxury
Living in a townhome at The Oaks at Six-Mile Creek means that you are immersed in surroundings that many people can often only dream about.
Size Really Does Matter
When purchasing a townhome, especially one in the $500,000 range, size definitely matters.
How A Bungalow Townhouse at The Oaks Will Keep You Comfy & Save You Money
Buying a townhome at The Oaks means that you’re one of the lucky few to live in a home that has earned the coveted EnergyStar® Certification.
Listen to the Quiet
It’s understandable that anyone who’s never lived in a townhome might feel trepidation about the neighbours’ noise.
There’s Great Value in a Condominium Bungalow Townhome
One of the great things about living in a condominium bungalow town is that all the mundane maintenance of a ground level home is looked after.